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Zero Trust is a Security Mindset


by Anastasios Arampatzis “Trust is like blood pressure. It’s silent, vital to good health, and if abused it can be deadly.” –Frank Sonnenberg, author of Follow Your Conscience – “Trust,...
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Cybersecurity Needs To Be Integrated Into Business Continuity Plans


by Anastasios Arampatzis Business continuity and cybersecurity used to be siloed processes, but the evolving cyber threat landscape dictates the need for organizations to change their approach and merge cybersecurity...
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Supply Chain Attacks are a Real Threat to National Security


by Anastasios Arampatzis The SolarWinds hack was an extremely serious compromise of the United States’ infrastructure. Industries and critical infrastructures are increasingly dependent on digital technology. Their openness, interconnectivity, and...
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Weak Maritime Cybersecurity Creates Environmental Risks


  by Anastasios Arampatzis Modern ships carry onboard a plethora of IoT sensors to optimize performance and reduce fuel consumption. Besides those performance-driven sensors, ships are equipped with IoT sensors...
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Shipping Industry Needs to Be Cyber Resilient


by Anastasios Arampatzis On 28 September 2020, the French shipping giant CMA CGM announced that it has been hit by Ragnar Locker ransomware attack, taking down its worldwide shipping container...
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How Can Organisations Assess Cyber Resiliency?


  by Anastasios Arampatzis Modern organisations need to be resilient not only to maintain business continuity during and after a cyber incident, but looking at a broader context, to be...
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How Can Organisations Achieve Cyber Resiliency?


by Anastasios Arampatzis In our previous post we discussed the benefits that cyber resilience brings to organisations. These benefits highlight the importance of resiliency, especially if we consider the impact...
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Cyber Resilience Importance!


by Anastasios Arampatzis Digital transformation enabled organizations  to disrupt their markets, improve productivity and make informed decisions, while reducing costs. The proliferation of emerging technologies, such as multi-cloud platforms, Internet...
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Compliance Management and Data Loss Prevention for Major International Telco in the UK


ADACOM provided consulting and implementation services for a global Data Loss Prevention and Governance, Risk and Compliance solution to identify and understand the core business needs, map them to industry...
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Penetration Test for Major Telecommunications Company in Bulgaria


ADACOM S.A. has successfully delivered a web application security assessment project for a major Bulgarian telecommunication provider. The majority of the findings discovered were successfully mitigated with ADACOM’s assistance and...
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SOX Vulnerability and Compliance Management for major multinational FMCG Company


ADACOM S.A. has successfully delivered one of the most complex and large scale vulnerability and compliance management projects in the region, for a NYSE-Listed FMCG Company. Using Symantec Control Compliance...
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Internal, External and Web Application Security Assessment for an Energy Company in the Balkans


ADACOM S.A. has successfully delivered an internal, external and web application assessment project for an Energy Company in the Balkans. The project included black box testing of the Authority’s internet-facing...
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Blackberry Security Assessment and Configuration Audit for a Multinational Bank in the Balkans


ADACOM S.A. has successfully delivered a Blackberry security assessment and configuration audit for a Multinational Bank in the Balkans. ADACOM has followed a scenario-based approach and has successfully penetrated the...
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Web Application Security Assessment for major Bank in Serbia


ADACOM performed web application security assessment for one of the largest private Banks in Serbia
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