ADACOM as a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QSTP), presents ADACOM e-SignIT, a complete service for preparing, sending, reviewing, signing, and tracking documents, using advanced and approved electronic signatures and seals.

ADACOM e-SignIT covers all the steps followed for the approval of documents

  • Preparation – with the ability to create templates (personal or corporate) for improved workflow
  • Workflow – single or multiple documents in one workflow & possibility for parallel, sequential and custom workflow
  • Track & manage – document sign-off status, automatic reminders, editing of workflow, and signer in real-time
  • Document signing – supports group, bulk and delegated signing as well as local and remote signing
  • Audit – all actions are logged and a digitally-signed PDF workflow evidence report is available

ADACOM e-SignIT can be easily integrated into core business applications using simple, industry-standard REST architectural style APIs. This ensures a seamless experience for end users, using a range of integration options, to embed document preparation and signing within their own ecosystem.

All signatures and seals have long-term-validation (LTV), ensuring that signed/sealed documents are verifiable years later using ADACOM’s Timestamping Services.

The system is re-brandable and multilingual (22 languages available already).

It is available as an app for iOS/Android devices, supporting both the ability to launch workflows and view/sign documents.

The ADACOM e-SignIT is an efficient, legal, secure, green, cost-effective, and easy to use solution.