Digital Signing

eSigning Solutions

ADACOM cooperates with Ascertia offering one of the most powerful solution for signing documents. SigningHub covers all business need in digitally signing documents by multiple people within an organization ecosystem. It has built-in capabilities for user management, if fully integrated with ADACOM eIDAS Qualified Certificates, includes approval workflows with user notifications, document tracking and configurable service plans for managed service use. It is a zero footprint server-side solution so that end-users only need a standard Internet browser to make use of the service.

SigningHub fully supports Greek and it is offered either as a service through ADACOM secure facilities or is available as a product for in-house deployment. Supports 3rd party integration either through the usage of a web service API or by using widgets and iFrames for tight integration. SigningHUB comes out of the box with SharePoint integration as well.
SigningHub works in three simple steps:

  • Upload & add signers: First upload a document (various formats are supported) and add the details of people who need to sign it.
  • Prepare & send: Identify where each person must sign by adding “sign here” fields, or simply use a pre-defined template. Send the document when ready.
  • Review & sign: Each user will get a notification when it’s their turn to sign the document. The document will be shown to the user, they can fill-in any form fields assigned to them and then sign the document.

SiginingHub supports View and Sign requirements and can be used on any device.


Bulk Document Signing

By using ADSS Signing Server, ADACOM offers automate sign in bulk large volumes of documents such as e-invoices, contracts and e-statements using centrally held Organization legal representative eSignature or eSeal. The signing action can be invoked through our on-demand API or using our watched folder client application called Auto File Processor.
Business applications can rely on ADSS Signing Server to ensure data integrity, user authentication, non-repudiation and long-term provability of information. ADSS Signing Server can be easily integrated with business applications using our high-level ADSS Client SDK (Java and .NET) or simple web services calls. ADSS Signing Server complies with the OASIS DSS and DSS-X protocol specifications. ADSS Signing Server can create and verify all common signature formats, including: PDF, PAdES, CAdES, XAdES, XML DigSig, PKCS#7, CMS, PKCS#1 and S/MIME.