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adacom news generic1 Replacement of ADACOM Certification Authorities for Class 1 and Class 2 Certificates (10/20/2021) - Replacement of ADACOM Certification Authorities for Class 1 and Class 2 Certificates   ADACOM informs its Subscribers that, in the context of upgrading its trust services and following the relevant international standards for non-qualified certificates, it has created the following new Certification Authorities for Class 1 and Class 2 certificates: Adacom S.A. Class 1 -… Read More
cybersecurity consultant 1 ADACOM CyberSecurity advisor of Zepos & Yannopoulos Law Firm (10/18/2021) - ADACOM CyberSecurity advisor of Zepos & Yannopoulos Law Firm Adacom Cyber Security, subsidiary company of IDEAL Group, Cyber Security Advisor of Zepos & Yannopoulos supported the organisation in the enforcement of an Information Security System in compliance with ISO27001 standard. With the adoption of required technical and organizational controls, Zepos & Yannopoulos was certified with… Read More
Cybersecurity Governance in Distributed Business Models 1 Cybersecurity Governance in Distributed Business Models (10/12/2021) -   by Anastasios Arampatzis  With businesses adopting a distributed business model, where data, applications and services are hosted by multiple, dispersed cloud environments, executives and security teams need to make decisions about cybersecurity risk. How can organizations control, direct and communicate their cybersecurity risk management activities? Let’s have a deep dive into cybersecurity governance.  What… Read More
Access Management for Modern Organizations Access Management for Modern Organizations (9/27/2021) - by Anastasios Arampatzis During the past 18 months, organizations across all industries and sectors have faced and responded to unparalleled challenges, which were the driver of an accelerated cloud adoption and remote work models. The increased pace of digital transformation introduces numerous benefits and opportunities, as well as greater threats. IT security teams have realized that traditional… Read More
GRIDS banner big final ADACOM invites you to the Online Workshop: Identity Attribute and KYC: the transition to eIDAS 2.0 and AMLR era (9/7/2021) - Remote identity management and KYC : what are the ongoing cases andperspectives ? Identity Attribute and KYC: the transition to eIDAS 2.0 and AMLR era On September 16, the teams of GRIDS* and eIB** projects invite you to an online Workshop, with distinguished guest speakers.  Our workshop will explore the eID needs and the design… Read More
iron mountain and adacom ADACOM and Iron Mountain partner to issue digital signatures (7/29/2021) -     IRON MOUNTAIN HELLAS, the leading provider of records management solutions in Greece, enters into a partnership with Adacom, offering its customers the ability to use digitally certified/remotely approved electronic signatures in their digital documents, through the Content Services Platform (CSP). Through this partnership, companies will now be able to sign their documents using… Read More
What are the EU guidelines on IT security insurance What are the EU guidelines on IT security insurance? (6/22/2021) - by Anastasios Arampatzis  On 12 October 2020, the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) issued its Guidelines on Information and Communication Technology Security and Governance (“the Guidelines”). The Guidelines will come into force on 1 July 2021 and shall apply to both individual undertakings and mutatis mutandis at the group level.  Background information  The increasing complexity… Read More
chris pagan sfjS FglvU4 unsplash scaled ADACOM – Cybersecurity advisor of Technomar Shipping Inc. (6/9/2021) - ADACOM Cyber Security, an IDEAL subsidiary, became the Cybersecurity advisor of Technomar Shipping Inc., a fast growing shipping company. With ADACOM support, Technomar enhanced the level of protection of information managed in the company (seafarers, charterers, cargo), enforcing technical and organizational controls in adherence with ISO27001 standard. These controls contribute not only into strengthening the… Read More
Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report: The Day After Tomorrow (6/8/2021) - by Anastasios Arampatzis  Why do we need all these annual reports published every year, this time around? This is a question that popped into my mind as I was preparing myself to write this article. What is their objective, their benefit? Well, the truth is that these reports are a great resource of reflection – they… Read More
What is the added value of PCI DSS compliance 00000002 What is the Added Value of PCI DSS Compliance? (5/25/2021) - by Anastasios Arampatzis  During 2020, credit card and contactless transactions skyrocketed as a response to hygiene and restriction measures to contain the pandemic. Besides the obvious benefits for both retailers and consumers, there are concerns about the security of these transactions and the card holder data associated with these transactions. Retailers need to ensure that they… Read More
Securing the Medical Sector is a Matter of Life and Death Securing the Medical Sector is a Matter of Life and Death (5/11/2021) - by Anastasios Arampatzis In the previous two articles we had discussed the importance of Operational Technology (OT) security to the health and safety of employees and local communities and to preserving the environment, while underlying the crucial function in the pharmaceutical industry. In this article we are going to touch upon the necessity of cybersecurity… Read More
adacom prosklisi page 0001 ADACOM at Infocom Security 2021: From CyberSecurity … to Cyber Resilience (4/26/2021) - ADACOM is pleased to announce its 6th participation as a Sponsor in this year's 11th Infocom Security Conference. InfoCom Security 2021 - being the largest conference event in Greece for Information Security and Data Protection - took place for another year with great success on April 21, 22 and 23! Participants had the opportunity to… Read More
components effective pharmaceutical cybersecurity What are the components for effectively securing the pharmaceuticals? (4/20/2021) - by Anastasios Arampatzis In our previous article we discussed the repercussions of cyber-attacks, affecting the targeted organizations, the health and safety of employees and local communities, as well as the environment. A sector that makes the news headlines for all the right reasons is the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for producing and distributing… Read More
How OT Security affects Health Safety and Environment e1617698388966 How OT Security affects Health, Safety and Environment (4/6/2021) - by Anastasios Arampatzis The information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) domains are converging. According to Automation, 82% of survey respondents worked at organizations where IT - OT collaboration was either in its early stages or already a productive business reality. In addition, Gartner estimates that 50% of OT service providers would partner with IT-centric… Read More
Zero Trust is a Security Mindset Zero Trust is a Security Mindset (3/23/2021) - by Anastasios Arampatzis "Trust is like blood pressure. It's silent, vital to good health, and if abused it can be deadly." --Frank Sonnenberg, author of Follow Your Conscience - "Trust, but verify." --Ronald Reagan   As cybersecurity professionals defend increasingly distributed and complex corporate networks from sophisticated cyber threats, embracing a Zero Trust security model… Read More
Picture1 3 ADACOM and Scytáles enter partnership for the Digital Vaccination Certificate for use on mobile devices (3/19/2021) - ADACOM S.A.  a Provider of Trust Services (QTSP) and Cybersecurity Solutions and Scytáles AB announce the expansion of their cooperation in the field of Green Digital Vaccination certificate in Greece, Cyprus, and the Balkans.  Scytáles recently announced the "Green Pass – Mobile Vaccination Passport and Certification Service", which is based on an International Reading Standard… Read More
Cybersecurity Needs To Be Integrated Into Business Continuity Plans Cybersecurity Needs To Be Integrated Into Business Continuity Plans (3/9/2021) - by Anastasios Arampatzis Business continuity and cybersecurity used to be siloed processes, but the evolving cyber threat landscape dictates the need for organizations to change their approach and merge cybersecurity into business continuity plans. Traditionally, a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan is in place to get businesses and their infrastructures up and running following… Read More
supply chain 3 Supply Chain Attacks are a Real Threat to National Security (2/23/2021) - by Anastasios Arampatzis The SolarWinds hack was an extremely serious compromise of the United States’ infrastructure. Industries and critical infrastructures are increasingly dependent on digital technology. Their openness, interconnectivity, and interdependence on supply chains has created a large threat and attack surface, which adversaries are eager to probe and exploit. What are supply chain risks?… Read More
supply chain Lessons learned from a Supply Chain Cyber Security Attack (2/9/2021) - by Anastasios Arampatzis   During the last days of 2020 and the first days of 2021, the cybersecurity news were flooded with the apocalypse of the SolarWinds supply chain attack. Now that the dust begins to settle, it is a good time to reflect on the event and see what we can learn from that.… Read More
Smart Electric Grid Demands Smart Security Smart Electric Grid Demands Smart Security (11/23/2020) - by Anastasios Arampatzis Security of electric grid is a national security issue The electric grid delivers the electricity that is essential for modern life. The reliability of the grid and its ability to meet consumers’ demands at all times is of national interest. The grid’s reliability can be impaired by cyberattacks on the IT and… Read More
iot How can Device certificates secure IoT communications? (11/16/2020) - by Anastasios Arampatzis The proliferation of IoT in industrial settings, provides an added value, transforming manufacturing, transportation, power generation and a variety of other industries with greater automation, new services, and more efficient allocation of resources. However, Industrial IoT (IIoT) has increased the threat surface with many industries being the victim of some of the… Read More
Defense in Depth Cybersecurity in the Oil and Gas Industry Defense-in-Depth Cybersecurity for the Oil and Gas Industry (11/2/2020) -   by Anastasios Arampatzis Greece is about to become an energy hub for the European Union. The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and EastMed pipeline will transport much needed natural gas to the industries and homes of the EU member states in the framework of minimizing CO2 emissions and mitigating the climate change effects. Cyber threats… Read More
How Can We Secure Modern Maritime Communications How Can We Secure Modern Maritime Communications? (10/26/2020) - by Anastasios Arampatzis A new generation of digital maritime communications The emergence of new technologies in the early twentieth century caused a sharp increase in maritime trade, which led to more traffic and the consequent need to monitor such traffic. This was the backdrop to the appearance of the first communications systems for improving maritime… Read More
close up male hands using laptop home scaled e1603271059130 Εγκεκριμένες ψηφιακές υπογραφές ADACOM στην πλατφόρμα DocuSign (10/21/2020) -   Τη χρήση της εγκεκριμένης ηλεκτρονικής τους υπογραφής, μπορούν πλέον να χρησιμοποιούν στο περιβάλλον της DocuSign, οι κάτοχοι εγκεκριμένων ψηφιακών πιστοποιητικών της ADACOM, εξασφαλίζοντας έτσι ότι η υπογραφή που εφαρμόζουν στο έγγραφο, φέρει θέση ιδιόχειρης υπογραφής. Η υιοθέτηση ηλεκτρονικών υπογραφών, αποτελεί ένα σημαντικό βήμα στον ψηφιακό μετασχηματισμό επιχειρήσεων και οργανισμών. Η Info Quest Technologies, έχει… Read More
Weak Maritime Cybersecurity Poses Environmental Risks 2 Weak Maritime Cybersecurity Creates Environmental Risks (10/19/2020) -   by Anastasios Arampatzis Modern ships carry onboard a plethora of IoT sensors to optimize performance and reduce fuel consumption. Besides those performance-driven sensors, ships are equipped with IoT sensors to monitor oil spills which communicate via satellite communications to send imagery and data back to the shore. Implementing weak cybersecurity measures to protect the… Read More
How Can TLS Certificates Secure Smart Shipping How can TLS certificates Secure Smart Shipping? (10/12/2020) - by Anastasios Arampatzis   “A sea” of connected devices Using IoT devices and sensor systems in commercial vessels helps ship owners gain a competitive edge, by harnessing the full potential of data for more effective operations and decision-making. The ship-to-shore connectivity was revolutionized by the proliferation of IoT (Internet of Things), creating a world of… Read More
The Shipping Industry Needs Cyber Resilience Shipping Industry Needs to Be Cyber Resilient (10/5/2020) - by Anastasios Arampatzis On 28 September 2020, the French shipping giant CMA CGM announced that it has been hit by Ragnar Locker ransomware attack, taking down its worldwide shipping container booking system. What is amazing is that now all four biggest maritime shipping companies in the world have been hit by cyber-attacks in the past… Read More
image3 How Can Organisations Assess Cyber Resiliency? (9/28/2020) -   by Anastasios Arampatzis Modern organisations need to be resilient not only to maintain business continuity during and after a cyber incident, but looking at a broader context, to be able to withstand and adapt to changes of their business environment. The COVID-19 pandemic only proved the importance of cyber resilience. To achieve that, organisations… Read More
grids Η ADACOM SERVICE PROVIDER HUB σε Ευρωπαϊκό έργο για την διασυνοριακή ηλεκτρονική ταυτοποίηση (9/23/2020) - Στα πλαίσια της Ευρωπαϊκής δράσης CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) η ADACOM, θυγατρική της IDEAL, σε συνεργασία με τις εταιρείες ATOS (Ισπανία), KOMPANY (Αυστρία), INFOCERT (Ιταλία) και το Παν. Αιγαίου  (Ελλάδα) ανέλαβαν την υλοποίηση και λειτουργία μιας πολυαρθρωτής πλατφόρμας (GRIDS -  increasinG tRust with eId for Developing business)  η οποία θα συνδυάσει τη χρήση μεθόδων διασυνοριακής… Read More
Techniques for Cyber Resiliency How Can Organisations Achieve Cyber Resiliency? (9/21/2020) - by Anastasios Arampatzis In our previous post we discussed the benefits that cyber resilience brings to organisations. These benefits highlight the importance of resiliency, especially if we consider the impact of orchestrated, sophisticated cyber-attacks to national critical infrastructures, such as energy, water, transportation, healthcare and financial. The importance of cyber resiliency is captured in the… Read More
The Importance Of Cyber Resilience Cyber Resilience Importance! (9/14/2020) - by Anastasios Arampatzis Digital transformation enabled organizations  to disrupt their markets, improve productivity and make informed decisions, while reducing costs. The proliferation of emerging technologies, such as multi-cloud platforms, Internet of Things (IoT), containerization, microservices, and big data has given the society the chance to become more connected and economies more prosperous. However, these benefits… Read More
grc covid Covid_19 : Cyber Threats & Trends (7/29/2020) - A vast number of controls related to Cyber Security are implemented through the use of particular cyber security solutions, and many other technologies and management processes such as audits, assessments, policies & procedures, etc. All these controls have been adopted and properly monitored in order to establish the required level of Cyber Security in an organization,… Read More
symantec2 Symantec Identifies Wave of Attacks Against U.S. Organizations (7/3/2020) - Attackers were preparing to attack dozens of U.S. corporations, including eight Fortune 500 companies. UPDATE June 30: Further investigation by Symantec has confirmed dozens of U.S. newspaper websites owned by the same parent company have been compromised by SocGholish injected code. Some of the organizations targeted by WastedLocker could have been compromised when an employee browsed… Read More
test site e1599838544667 Η ADACOM στο Digital Solidarity Greece (4/9/2020) - ADACOM POLICY, RISK ASSESSMENT & AWARENESS ON REMOTE ACCESS AND TELEWORKING Πολιτική, Εκπαίδευση και Αυτο-αξιολόγηση Ασφάλειας Απομακρυσμένης Πρόσβασης και Εργασίας Η ADACOM, στηρίζει έμπρακτα την πρωτοβουλία #DigitalSolidarityGR του Υπουργείου Ψηφιακής Διακυβέρνησης για προσφορά δωρεάν ψηφιακών εργαλείων και υπηρεσιών στις επιχειρήσεις & οργανισμούς της Ελλάδας, για όσο διαρκούν τα μέτρα για τον κορωνοϊό Covid-19. Αναλογιζόμενη τις… Read More
image e1572512959210 ADACOM organized the “CRYPTO THEORY & PRACTICES KNOWLEDGE BUILDING” course for ENISA (12/4/2019) - Knowledge Building on Cryptography organized by ENISA on 26-27 November was conducted efficiently providing interesting information to European Supervisory Bodies of Trust Services Sector. In the second part of the program managed by Adacom, presenters gave a holistic view covering all aspects of Trust Services such as: QTSPs, External auditors, Software and hardware tools used… Read More
49127291368 0a36bc90b9 o scaled ADACOM at 17th Bank Management Conference 2019 (11/28/2019) - We are delighted to sponsor the 17th Bank Management Conference 2019, cooperating with Digicert, our trusted partner. The 17th Bank Management Conference entitled “The Future-Ready Bank” is engaging Banking Executives, Thought Leaders, International Incumbents, Neo-Banks and Challenger Banks, as well as the Fintech ecosystem to explore the dynamics and the process of acquiring future-proof readiness.… Read More
IMG 3224 1 e1599839886514 ADACOM & CYNET Roundtable 2019 “Cynet 360 Introduction Day” (11/6/2019) -   ADACOM joined forces with CYNET and organized a Roundtable, called “Cynet 360 Introduction Day” on Tuesday 5th of November 2019. The Roundtable conducted by Cynet, was focused on Cynet 360, the world's first autonomous breach protection platform that consolidates and automates Monitoring & Control, Attack Prevention & Detection and Response Orchestration across the entire… Read More
Torsion logo e1571814791377 New cyber security partnership for ADACOM and Torsion Information Security (10/23/2019) - Adacom to introduce Torsion’s unique solution for Data Access Governance. Cyber security specialists Adacom are enriching its capabilities for helping customers control sprawling access to files and folders through a new partnership with Torsion Information Security. The partnership means that the Torsion solution, which gives visibility and control over sprawling access to files and folders… Read More
IMG 1300 “How to move your security to the cloud” conference by ADACOM 2019 (6/27/2019) - On June 2019, ADACOM in cooperation with Symantec and Fortinet organized the conference entitled “How to move your security to the cloud”. The conference took place at the Yacht Club of Greece and was focused on how security can enable the journey to the cloud. The participants came from a wide spectrum of the Greek… Read More
digital ADACOM proud sponsor of “Digital Business Transformation Conference 2019” (5/14/2019) - “Will you Survive or Thrive?” ADACOM Cyber Security in cooperation with Digicert is proud sponsor of the "4th Digital Business Transformation Conference" at Maroussi Plaza Conference Center, on Wednesday 15th of May. 4th Digital Business Transformation Conference entitled “Will you Survive or Thrive?”  focuses on the in-depth study of the facets for adopting pragmatic innovation approaches and solutions… Read More
Capture 1 ADACOM at 2nd Infocom Security Cyprus 2019 (5/6/2019) - For second year in a row, ADACOM participates as a Silver Sponsor at 2nd Infocom Security Cyprus 2019, 14th of May at Filoxenia Conference center, Nicosia "Next Generation Cyber Security" The Digital Transformation that takes place at all levels of our live, has been creating an ever-changing environment, where, among other things, characterize the new… Read More
infocom linkedinADACOM at Infocom Security Conference 2019 : Cyber Security in the Age of Industry 4.0 (4/8/2019) - ADACOM partners with RSA at Infocom Security Conference 2019, 17 & 18 April at Dais Conference Center, Maroussi. The basis for Cyber Security in the Age of Industry 4.0 is the combination of the natural and digital world. The interconnection of machines with information and communication systems and the complete digitization of physical procedures through… Read More
mdr2 e1549982126548ADACOM announces Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Services (MDR). (2/12/2019) - ADACOM announces Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Services (MDR). This unique service will fill the need of organizations of all sizes that want to expand their capability beyond typical preventative technologies and augment their detection, response and 24x7 monitoring gaps without investing in internal security expertise. Our MDR service, set up in hours without installing… Read More
cyberattacksCyber attacks as likely as natural disasters, as devastating as ecosystem collapse: WEF (1/21/2019) - Data fraud, cyber attacks, and critical information infrastructure breakdown flagged among 2019’s most significant causative risks Cyber attacks will have a similar global impact to water crises this year and are nearly as likely as natural disasters, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has warned in an analysis of societal risks that underscores that critical importance… Read More
Case Study: Data Loss Prevention for the GDPR requirements of a Global Financial Institution in Switzerland (12/11/2018) - Case Study ADACOM Summary The client is one of UK’s leading Financial Institutions, with more than 4.755 branches in 55 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America and 1.600 branches in the UK. The company must be diligent in protecting against all kind of cyber-attacks that originate from both internal and external threats and offer… Read More
eidastrainingADACOM participates in “eIDAS Training” & “eIDAS for SMEs Workshop” 2018 (11/30/2018) - Complete electronic means of identification and authentication are rapidly improving the way companies can offer services to customers digitally. Therefore, ADACOM empowers and motivates its employees with continued training, that enhance personal growth, knowledge and education in a rapidly growing environment. The eIDAS Regulation has set the basis for creating a strong digital identity framework,… Read More
engagement typesThe Vulnerability Landscape of Greece (11/20/2018) - The Vulnerability Landscape of Greece Report is a technical report compiled by ADACOM Cyber Security, which includes the major problems of Greek organizations. The current report contains a statistical analysis of the security findings discovered by ADACOM during a period of three years and a sample of 200 security engagements of various types. The findings… Read More
adacom partner logo fireye e1513163678269“Cyber Attack Simulation Exercise”, Adacom & FireEye (10/11/2018) - ADACOM and FireEye organised, a “Cyber Attack Simulation Exercise” on October 10th, 2018. The event was held at “The Cube Athens” and was mostly an interactive real-time cyber exercise simulation conducted by the experts. This exercise considered an incident scenario, where the participants chose and voted possible options, which were later analysed in detail by… Read More
37230147 637761886622743 8989362977115209728 oADACOM: Diamond Sponsor of the Hellenic Cyber Security Team 2018! (9/20/2018) -   ADACOM: Diamond Sponsor of the Hellenic Cyber Security Team 2018!   For second year in a row ADACOM sponsors the Hellenic Cyber Security Team in the European Cyber Security challenge, which will take place in London on 14-17 October 2018. The European Cyber Security Challenge is an initiative of the European Union Agency for Network… Read More
ADACOM at Infocom Security 2018 Leading the way for GDPR and security solutions (4/24/2018) - For a 5th year in the row ADACOM sponsored Infocom Security 2018, the leading annual event for Information and Cyber Security in South Eastern Europe. ADACOM participated together with Symantec, and VMware. Undoubtedly, the hot topic of the event was the GDPR and the new landscape, which dominated the conference agenda, as expected. Many speakers,… Read More
ADACOM partners with JCC for the provision of e-Signatures in Cyprus (2/1/2018) - ΣΥΝΕΡΓΑΣΙΑ ADACOM & JCC PAYMENT SYSTEMS ΣΤΟΝ ΤΟΜΕΑ ΤΩΝ ΨΗΦΙΑΚΩΝ ΥΠΟΓΡΑΦΩΝ Η ADACOM και η JCC ανακοίνωσαν την συνεργασία τους στην παροχή υπηρεσιών ηλεκτρονικών υπογραφών και σφραγίδων στην Κύπρο. Σύμφωνα με σύμβαση που υπογράφηκε πρόσφατα, η JCC θα λειτουργήσει ως ο πρώτος Πάροχος Υπηρεσιών Εμπιστοσύνης στην Κύπρο και θα παρέχει υπηρεσίες ηλεκτρονικών υπογραφών, σφραγίδων και… Read More
On Meltdown and Spectre (1/5/2018) - Developing Story A security flaw in microprocessor architecture, affecting mainly Intel, ARM and to an extend AMD products, has been disclosed by Google security researchers. The bugs, named Meltdown and Spectre, according to the researchers rely on exploiting of critical vulnerabilities in modern processors. These hardware bugs allow programs to steal data which is currently… Read More
ADACOM at Ecommerce EXPO 2017 (11/20/2017) - ADACOM has been invited to present the way SSL can secure eCommerce business in today’s internet era. Presentation will take place in the annual eCommerce Expo event that will take place at Zappeion Megaron on 25th 26th of November. ADACOM has over 15 years’ experience in providing SSL and other type to Trust Services into… Read More
Data Loss Prevention Project for Major Retailer in the UK (11/13/2017) - A major UK retailer has requested a complete Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution in regards to protecting sensitive company data across the organization. The project would need to cover more than 15.000 employee workstations, the existing email infrastructure, all data in motion through web traffic and data residing in company data repositories. Symantec suggested ADACOM… Read More
Data Loss Prevention Project for Electricity Distribution Company in Morocco (11/13/2017) - A Major Electricity Distribution Company at Morocco has requested a complete data loss prevention (DLP) solution providing network, endpoint, and discovery capabilities. The solution proposed should be easy to install and easy‐to‐manage, cost effective and scalable. The solution should have the flexibility and support to take advantage of future third‐party solutions through connectivity and data… Read More
Data Loss Prevention for Major European Bank in France (11/13/2017) - A Major European Bank has implemented a Data Loss Prevention solution for their French headquarters, operating since 2013. In this context, a major revision of their detection and blocking policies to depict a set of various compliance mandates was requested, through a form of residency. ADACOM provided expert resources from Israel and Serbia for a… Read More
Encryption Project for World Leading Pharmaceutical Company in Switzerland (11/13/2017) - Roche has requested an endpoint encryption project for their R&D and IP departments, to safeguard information stored in mobile workstations. ADACOM provided consulting services to capture the requirements in terms of security, functionality and mobility, providing the strongest encryption to the mobile workstation hard disks, while also created a series of workflows for automating the… Read More
Data Loss Prevention Project for Major Bank in Mauritius (11/13/2017) - A newly incorporated bank in Mauritius aims to become the most modern bank on the island, serving hundreds of thousands of customers from all across the planet through electronic channels. In this context, the security of the electronic transactions was paramount. ADACOM helped the client install a Data Loss Prevention, based on Symantec technology, to… Read More
Data Loss Prevention Project for Major Petrochemical Company in Saudi Arabia (11/13/2017) - A world-leading petrochemical company is seeking a world class Enterprise Data loss prevention solution that is capable of protecting sensitive data and critical information which represent the essence of the brand allowing monitoring, detecting and blocking the sensitive data while in use, in motion or at rest. This requires building clear policies to classify data… Read More
Data Loss Prevention Risk Assessment for a Major Gas Company in Algeria (11/13/2017) - A Major Gas Company in Algeria has requested an evaluation of data security technologies to strengthen their security posture. ADACOM has responded by proposing a Symantec Data Loss Prevention (“DLP”) Risk Assessment Service that enables Customers to assess and understand the risk related to data leakage incidents. Through this service, risk reduction is designed to… Read More
Data Classification for a Government Organization in Abu Dhabi (11/13/2017) - ADACOM was assigned the incorporation of a Data Classification solution to the environment of a Government Organization in Abu Dhabi. Responding to the business needs of the customer, ADACOM suggested and implementantion of Boldon James Data Classification solution, which helps the organization identify and control forms of both structured and unstructured information assets including documents,… Read More
Data Loss Prevention for major Telecom in Saudi Arabia (11/13/2017) - Adacom has been assigned a DLP project for a major telecom provider in Saudi Arabia. The scope of the project included the transfer of the existing DLP infrastructure from physical to on-premise virtual system provided by the client, as well as the upgrade of Symantec DLP solution to the latest version. Adacom successfully delivered the… Read More
Security Dashboards for major Telecom in Saudi Arabia (11/13/2017) - Given Adacom’s previous successful collaboration with major telecom provider in Saudi Arabia, the client requested the development and implementation of an application which would collect data and dashboards from various other applications and solutions in the organisation’s system (such as DLP, Websense Web filtering,Trendmicro OfficeScan antivirus, Excel charts), in order to generate charts or pies… Read More
Enterprise Security Project for Major Telco in South Africa (11/13/2017) - Adacom has been requested to work with a major Telco in South Africa to develop a Solution Design and a Project Plan for the Symantec SEP/DCS/DLP project. Adacom is asked to commence with the Implementation of the proposed solutions and then to work with the client on the Production Deployment. Services may include: Symantec Endpoint… Read More
Compliance Management and Data Loss Prevention for Major International Telco in the UK (11/13/2017) - ADACOM provided consulting and implementation services for a global Data Loss Prevention and Governance, Risk and Compliance solution to identify and understand the core business needs, map them to industry use cases and best practices, design a centrally managed platform and implement local and regional enforcement points for a world-leading telco company, headquartered in the… Read More
ecscADACOM as a Diamond Sponsor of the Hellenic Cyber Security Team – European Cyber Security Challenge 2017 (10/20/2017) - ADACOM will be a Diamond Sponsor of the Hellenic Cyber Security Team in the upcoming European Cyber Security Challenge. The Hellenic Cyber Security Team, a few days before departing to Malaga, Spain for the ECSC, was officially presented to the sponsors and media, while had the opportunity to discuss the details of the contest.  ADACOM… Read More
ADACOM to host “GDPR: The New Era in Data Protection“ Event in Cyprus (9/13/2017) - ADACOM and NewCytech are pleased  to invite you to the "GDPR: The New Era in Data Protection" Event, sponsored and guided by Symantec, KPMG and Oracle. The event will take place at the Lemon Park in Nicosia, Cyprus on the 27th of September 2017, 17:30. Dr.Dimitrios Patsos, ADACOM CTO will be representing ADACOM discussing practical implementation steps on the General… Read More
CaptureADACOM – First eIDAS QTSP in Greece (9/13/2017) - ADACOM S.A. has recently become the first Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) in Greece certified against the eIDAS Regulation No 910/2014. ADACOM S.A. successfully audited by the French company LSTI, a Certification Assessment Body accredited by COFAX France. ADACOM eIDAS Trust Services includes: Qualified Certificates for Electronic Signatures for: Natural persons and Natural persons Associated… Read More
GDPR Training & Certification: Become a Certified Data Protection Expert! (5/13/2017) - ADACOM, in colaboration with KEDUA Gmbh and DEKRA German Certification Body, introduces to Greece the Data Protection Officer training and the Data Protection Expert Certification. With a holistic approach program specifically designed to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ADACOM enables its partners to address effectively the needs and challenges of… Read More
Secure One Platinum Partner LogoADACOM / Symantec Secure One Platinum Partnership (5/16/2016) - May 9th, 2016 ADACOM announces that it has been re-certified as a Platinum Partner under Symantec’s Secure One Partner Program, maintaining this unique position in the Market for a 4th consecutive year. This achievement expresses ADACOM’s strong commitment to Symantec partnership requirements and demonstrates successful achievements of sales targets, technical expertise and customer satisfaction in… Read More
ADACOM as a Golden Sponsor of the 6th Infocom Security Conference (4/12/2016) - ATHENS – ADACOM was a golden sponsor of the 6th Infocom Security Conference, along with Symantec, Cyberark and Venafi. For the third consecutive year, ADACOM participated as a golden sponsor of the Infocom Security Conference, the top annual event for Information Security in Greece which took place in Divani Caravel Athens on 6th & 7th April, 2016, attracting more than… Read More
ADACOM at Infosec Cyprus 2015 (10/6/2015) - October 5th, 2015 Dr. D.Patsos, Chief Technology Officer and Mr. E.Braun, International Sales Director of ADACOM S.A. will be among other international information security specialists to speak at Infosec 2015 International Conference “Rethinking Cyber Security” hosted by the Cyprus Computer Society in Nicosia, on the 5th-9th October 2015. Dr. D.Patsos’ presentation will focus on cloud-computing… Read More
Expert Partner Sym Data Security Competency LogoADACOM as a Symantec Platinum Partner (5/27/2015) - May 25th, 2015, Athens, Greece. ADACOM, a leading IT Security Integrator and a Certification Service Provider, has announced that it has attained the highest level within Symantec's Partner Program, recently being named as a Platinum Partner. ADACOM today is the only Platinum Partner in the Balkan region and is also the first partner in Greece that… Read More
ADACOM at the 5th Infocom Security Conference (4/29/2015) - 2 April 2015 - ADACOM: a Golden Sponsor of the 5th Infocom Security Conference ADACOM was a Golden Sponsor of the 5th Infocom Security Conference that took place on 1st April 2015, in Athens, Greece. Infocom Security Conference is established as the annual meeting of information security professionals in Southeastern Europe. Like every year, companies,… Read More
ADACOM at the 1st ICT Security Congress (4/29/2015) - 5 March 2015 - ADACOM S.A. sponsored and participated in the 1st ICT Security Congress which was successfully held at the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA) in Athens, Greece, on March 4th, 2015. The congress was organized by AUEB's (Athens University of Economics and Business) CIS (Information Security and Critical Infrastructure… Read More
1Adacom Security Briefing Vol. 4: Security as a Business Enabler (11/14/2014) - Athens, November 11th, 2014 ADACOM S.A., a leading PKI and Information Security solutions provider,  hosted the “Security as a Business Enabler event”, as part of its Security Briefing Sessions. Corporate executives from major organizations had the chance to review and update the ADACOM offering, with a focus on SafeNet and Ascertia, and the value these… Read More
ADACOM hosts the “Security as a Business Enabler” Event, November 11th, Athens, Greece (11/4/2014) - ADACOM hosts the "Security as a Business Enabler" Event, on Tuesday, November 11th, 2014. The event will start at 10.00 am at the Panorama Lounge, Royal Olympic Hotel, Athens, Greece. ADACOM, with its trusted partners Safenet and Ascertia, will demonstrate how these innovative security technologies can safeguard the corporate data while also contribute to business… Read More
Heartbleed: ADACOM Security Advisory (4/14/2014) - Heartbleed vulnerability is affecting a huge number of systems worldwide and is considered to be one of the most widespread vulnerabilities of all times. ADACOM would like to nofity that the majority of offered technologies are not affected. Business partners are encouraged to carefully review this advisory, including links to vendor official responses: Read More
ADACOM is a Gold Sponsor of the 4th InfoCom Security 2014 (4/7/2014) - ADACOM will participate as a Gold Sponsor in the upcoming 4th InfoCom Security Conference. The conference is taking place on the April 10th 2014, at Divani Caravel Hotel in the centre of Athens. The 4th Infocom Security Conference aims to bring out the individual steps that constitute a change of strategy in information security in… Read More
EMA Sales and SE Full Color VerticalADACOM receives the AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Associate certification (12/11/2013) - We are very proud to announce that ADACOM is certified from AirWatch as an Enterprise Mobility Associate. This accreditation denotes ADACOM's comprehensive knowledge of AirWatch’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Solution and guarantees our customers will be able to manage AirWatch EMM effectively and successfully. Read More
Adacom Security Briefing Vol. 2 (11/6/2013) - ADACOM has successfully hosted its second security briefing on Wednesday November 6th. The event took place at the Athens Metropolitan hotel, was co-hosted by ADACOM & SafeNet. During the two and a half hours our guests had the chance to learn about numerous new technologies and services like: PCI DSS 3 requirements and way to… Read More
Cyp5ADACOM’s participation at Electronic Signature Event in Cyprus (11/4/2013) - November 1st 2013 ADACOM was invited at the conference for electronic signatures organized by the Department of Electronic Communications of the Ministry of Communications and Works of Cyprus. The conference highlighted the crucial role of electronic signatures in e-government, that enable secure electronic transactions. More than 180 participants from the public and private sector learned about… Read More
Safenet invitation for SiteAdacom hosts its second Security Briefing Event (10/11/2013) - Wednesday November 6th, 2013 11:00 a.m.     In this half day event our guests will have the chance to meet two of Adacom's most loyal and important partners. SafeNet, a world leading Data Protection Company and ComSign Trust, a leading vendor for e-signature software solutions. Our guests will have the opportunity to discuss with… Read More
Strong Authentication Project for Major Healthcare Institution in Israel (9/9/2013) - ADACOM has recently announced its collaboration with a Major Healthcare Institution in Israel for implementing Symantec’s VIP Strong Authentication solution. ADACOM’s integration of Symantec’s VIP solution will enable the client to adopt Strong Authentication that extends the use of Username and Password to access sensitive information. Symantec’s VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) is a leading cloud-based… Read More
Data Loss Prevention Solution for Security Services company in Greece (9/9/2013) - ADACOM, a Symantec Master Specialist in Data Loss Prevention, deployed a Data Leakage Prevention solution to a major  Security company in Greece. The holistic approach has helped the organization identify the really confidential information for each bussiness department, define the data owners and enhance its day to day bussiness processes by adopting best practices. The… Read More
Penetration Test for Major Telecommunications Company in Bulgaria (9/9/2013) - ADACOM S.A. has successfully delivered a web application security assessment project for a major Bulgarian telecommunication provider. The majority of the findings discovered were successfully mitigated with ADACOM’s assistance and the overall security level of the organization was significantly raised. Also under the scope of the presented project ADACOM executed stress testing to the provided… Read More
Endpoint Security Project across major Retail Chain in the Balkans (9/9/2013) - ADACOM S.A. has delivered the implementation of Symantec’s Endpoint Protection for one of Balkan’s leading retail companies. Due to the nature of the organization, there was exceptionally large dispersion of the endpoints that needed to be protected across many online and offline locations. ADACOM has successfully managed to design the solution architecture so that each… Read More
Data Loss Prevention solution for a major South-Eastern Europe & North-Africa Energy Company (9/9/2013) - Adacom has successfully delivered the distribution and installation of Symantec’s Data Loss Prevention solution. The project was administered by a major Energy company in South-Eastern Europe and North Africa. The challenge of the project was the fact that due to the specificities of the company’s sector, very specialized custom file types had to be considered… Read More
Endpoint Protection and Cloud Managed Security for Major Balkan Food Company (9/9/2013) - ADACOM provided the installation of Symantec’s Endpoint and Cloud services for a large food company in the Balkans. The project included both endpoint solution for desktop protection and Symantec Cloud service, enabling remote hardware and software security management. With the solutions implementation the organization increased its security and protection standards with the least administrative effort. Read More
Mobile Device Management Solution for Multinational Banking Institution (9/9/2013) - ADACOM provided the installation and configuration of Airwatch Enterprise Mobility Management solution for one of the largest banking institutions in central and eastern Europe. Specifically, ADACOM delivered the required professional services for the in-premise deployment of the AirWatch’s MDM solution. ADACOM project team has conducted all the necessary actions in order to integrate the solution… Read More
Endpoint Protection for leading Multinational FMCG Company (9/9/2013) - ADACOM S.A. has delivered the implementation and support of the entire solution of Symantec Protection Suite for a large multinational Fast-Moving Consumer Goods company. Apart from the upgrade of the organization’s Symantec Endpoint Protection solution from version 11 to latest version 12.1 for all management servers, ADACOM successfully planned and implemented the migration of the… Read More
Endpoint Solution For Major Banking Group in Southeastern Europe (9/6/2013) - ADACOM S.A. has been selected to perform the migration from McAfee’s Endpoint Protection solution to Symantec’s Endpoint Protection solution for one of the largest banking and financial institutions in southeastern Europe. The project included the migration from the bank’s existing AV solution for managed and unmanaged endpoints and servers with a variety of operating systems.… Read More
Adacom SymantecAdacom now live on (5/14/2013) - Adacom has now its own page on Symantec's website. The page exhibits explicitly the platinum partnership between the two companies. Also, provides a video featuring our company's executives speaking about the importance of the cooperation. You can visit the webpage here and watch the video here: Read More
ADACOM at the13th Conference and Exhibition TECHNOBANK 2013 – BANKING TECHNOLOGIES (4/8/2013) - ADACOM is going to participate in the 13th Conference and Exhibition TECHNOBANK 2013 - BANKING TECHNOLOGIES Cards & Payments • ICT • Risk • BCM • Security • Business Intelligence • e-Commerce • Retail The Conference will be held on April 10th and 11th, 2013 in the Hotel Metropol Palace, Belgrade, Serbia. Read more Read More
“Mediation & Entrepreneurship” Conference at the French Institute in Athens, Greece (12/13/2012) - ADACOM will sponsor the following event "Mediation & Entrepreneurship" Conference that is going to take place Tuesday, December 18, 2012, at the French Institute in Athens, Greece, under the patronage of former Greek Prime Minister Panagiotis Pikrammenos. For more information please click here. Read More
Compliance Management Project for Multinational Bank in Switzerland (9/13/2012) - ADACOM S.A., a leader in PKI and IT Security, has delivered a Compliance Management Project from a Multinational Bank in Switzerland. This project includes expert consultancy and knowledge transfer for Symantec Control Compliance Suite, as a residency service, targeting the preparation of a massive rollout of the CCS solution to thousands of servers across the… Read More
Strong Authentication Solution for Leading Transaction Security Company in Israel (9/13/2012) - ADACOM Systems Ltd. has successfully completed a large Symantec VIP implementation for a worldwide leader in transaction security. Being a multinational company with presence around the globe, the organization wanted to replace the existing in-premise solution in order to centralize the Strong Authentication management process, making it as simple, robust and secure as possible, while… Read More
Strong Authentication Solution for Major Satellite Company in Israel (9/13/2012) - ADACOM Systems Ltd. has recently completed the implementation of Symantec’s VIP solution for a major Israeli-based telecommunication company with more than 20 offices worldwide. By enabling Symantec’s VIP, the Organization has adopted the most efficient and innovative cloud-based strong authentication solution available today, securing online access and transactions for its employees around the globe. The… Read More
Data Loss Prevention for Major Multinational Telecom in Albania (9/6/2012) - ADACOM S.A. has successfully delivered a large scale Data Leakage Prevention project for a Major Multinational Telco in Albania. Using Symantec’s DLP solution, ADACOM has identified and classified the organization’s confidential data through a series of workshops, developed accurate detection policies to monitor the use of data while also enforcing related response policies to stop… Read More
SOX Vulnerability and Compliance Management for major multinational FMCG Company (9/5/2012) - ADACOM S.A. has successfully delivered one of the most complex and large scale vulnerability and compliance management projects in the region, for a NYSE-Listed FMCG Company. Using Symantec Control Compliance Suite and its vast consulting experience ADACOM has successfully managed to align SOX and corporate policies and technical standards, check and report on compliance, check… Read More