Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

  • Advanced technologies to detect unknown threats and prevent zero day attacks including ransomware,
  • Access to the richest global threat intelligence to protect against threats in real-time,
  • Orchestrated response to stop threats quickly,
  • Proven protection across all devices without compromising performance,
  • Hardening of devices that have passed their End of Life but still in use due to Business needs (i.e. Bank ATMs).

Advanced Threat Protection

  • Detect, prioritize, investigate, and remediate threats across multiple control points in a single console,
  • Uncover stealthy threats across endpoint, network, email, and web traffic,
  • Prioritize what matters the most by correlating across events from all control points for complete visibility and faster remediation,
  • Contain and remediate any attack artifact in minutes, with a single click,
  • Customize incident response flow with public APIs and third-party SIEM integration.

Privileged Access Management

Unmanaged privileged identities can be exploited by both insiders and external attackers. If they are not monitored, held accountable, and actively controlled, malicious insiders, including system administrators, can steal sensitive information or cause significant damage to system. A PAM technology mitigates these issues by:

  • Handling the access permissions of a personal user to shared/generic privileged accounts based on roles and policies,
  • Controlling authentication into the privileged accounts, for example by regularly changing their password,
  • Pre-authorizing access / “these users can use these accounts on these systems any time. “

Secure Email Gateway

  • Real-time protection backed by the largest investment in security infrastructure,
  • Purpose built appliance that prevents spam, viruses, and phishing attacks from reaching email servers,

Identity and Access Management

  • Strong protection,
  • Increase user satisfaction, adoption, and productivity,
  • Reduced costs and complexity,
  • Scalable and reliable,
  • Increased customer confidence,
  • Reduced Fraud Costs.

Enterprise Mobility Management

  • Make use of Company’s Mobility Solution Platform to access enterprise resources securely (e.g. Corporate E-Mail),
  • Protect your mobile device with a passcode,
  • Ensure that you have installed an anti-malware application so as to avoid malicious intent attacks,
  • In case of device theft contact your administrator in an appropriate time manner to perform a remote device wipe so as to ensure that sensitive data have been deleted.

Systems Auditing

  • Detect and investigate anomalous user behavior before it results in a data breach,
  • Pass compliance audits: GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, ISO 27001, and others,
  • Drive IT efficiency by automating change, configuration and access auditing workflows.