ADACOM – Cybersecurity advisor of Technomar Shipping Inc.

ADACOM Cyber Security, an IDEAL subsidiary, became the Cybersecurity advisor of Technomar Shipping Inc., a fast growing shipping company. With ADACOM support, Technomar enhanced the level of protection of information managed in the company (seafarers, charterers, cargo), enforcing technical and organizational controls in adherence with ISO27001 standard. These controls contribute not only into strengthening the security of the company’s physical and logical environment but also improving the level of compliance with cybersecurity requirements deriving from laws, regulations and guidelines. The areas where cybersecurity governance and technical measures are deployed are:

  • Risk Management
  • Cybersecurity Policies & Procedures
  • Access Management (logical & physical)
  • Technical & Physical Security
  • Change Management & Patching
  • Security Incident Management
  • Third Party Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Awareness

Following the establishment of cybersecurity governance to company Headquarters, Technomar extends its cooperation with Adacom into enforcing risk management into vessels’ environment. Aim of the risk management activities is to identify risks applicable to vessels’ environment, evaluate them taking into account controls in place and assess feasibility of enforcing supplementary controls to minimize losses and maximize opportunities.

Mr. Panos Vassiliadis, ADACOM’s CEO, stated:

We are proud that a fast growing shipping company such as Technomar Shipping Inc entrusted ADACOM, with CISO services in adherence with ISO27001 standard. Our extensive experience from the implementation of similar projects in the maritime industry in combination with the excellent cooperation of Technomar’s executives, will bring excellent results and a long-term cooperation.