ADACOM participates in “eIDAS Training” & “eIDAS for SMEs Workshop” 2018

Complete electronic means of identification and authentication are rapidly improving the way companies can offer services to customers digitally.

Therefore, ADACOM empowers and motivates its employees with continued training, that enhance personal growth, knowledge and education in a rapidly growing environment.

The eIDAS Regulation has set the basis for creating a strong digital identity framework, providing EU citizens with a secure and universal electronic identification that they can use to access private and public services anywhere within the EU.

Towards this direction, EU regulators have provided a combination of rules and guidelines (eIDAS, PSD2 and AML4), all of which play a role in offering a solution to meet security challenges, identification and authentication issues, regulatory compliance and KYC requirements.

ADACOM participated in the TUViT eIDAS Training that took place in Essen Germany on 19-23 November 2018.

The four-day training looked closely at the eIDAS Regulation requirements, as well as those of the ETSI framework about the provision of trust services (electronic signatures & seals, electronic time stamps, validation services, electronic registered delivery service, website authentication etc.).  The training also covered the TUViT certification scheme and resulted in an examination and certification.

Other countries which participated in this training included Germany, Holland, Croatia, Denmark and Portugal.

A relevant communication group in LinkedIn has been created in which anyone interested can join:


ADACOM also participated in the “eIDAS for SMEs Workshop”, which took place on 26th of November in Brussels and was organized by Deloitte, who is part of the European Commission’s study to support the uptake of eID and trust services among SMEs (eIDAS4SMES).

Τhe one day conference explored how eIDAS solutions can support the digitalization of European SMEs, generate business benefits and facilitate cross-border electronic transactions. A panel of experts discussed the needs of SMEs to foster the uptake of eID and trust services in their day to day operations. The conference covered a discussion of the resources that have been developed to generate awareness on eID and trust services solutions and support SMEs in their uptake. At breakout sessions groups tested the tools and materials that have been developed and helped to brainstorm ideas and actions that could be taken at the EU level to enhance the adoption of eID and trust services among SMEs.