Vulnerability Assessment/Penetration Testing Services

ADACOM features a wide range of security assessment services, customized and tailored to actionable attack scenarios:

  • External/Internal Security Assessment Service(White and Black Box)
  • Web Application Security Assessment Service(Internal and External – Authenticated & Unauthenticated)
  • Wireless Network Security Assessment
  • Mobile Application Security Assessment (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry)

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Compliance Services

Include all the process of identifying the gap between the current situation and the preferred and the actions in order to succeed 100% compliance

  • Gap Analysis (Both known and custom standards/regulations)
  • PCI/ISO 27001/ADAE/SOX/ Web Trust for CAs AICPA/CICA Certification Preparation (Preparation and Readiness services)
  • Policy-Procedures-Guidelines writing (Based on a predefined standards)
  • Security Awareness Services (including presentations and creation of awareness material)
  • Configuration Audit(with known standards covering a long list of systems, along with proposed actions in order to succeed 100% compliance.)
  • Risk Analysis & Management

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PKI Consulting

As a founding member of the VeriSign’s Trust Network and a VeriSign Affiliate since 1998, ADACOM has a vast experience in similar engagements and provides expert PKI consulting for developing the necessary policies for a Certificate Services Provider.

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