Our commitment is always to try to improve, in line with our success.

Main Benefits

While working for ADACOM you will:

  • Be part of a large international & multicultural team with deep know how,
  • Engage into multiple challenging projects for multinational organizations in EMEA,
  • Develop your talent through a well-defined training and certification plan,
  • Solve complex problems, travel the world and unleash your full potential.

Career development

  • A job description, well defined and mutually agreed,
  • A roadmap for your career according to your talents,
  • Daily follow up, monthly feedback and annual reviews,
  • The opportunity to benefit from a dynamic and growing company,
  • The opportunity to change function, work for a different department or in a different country,
  • Internal and external training to further develop your professional skills.

Potential paths

You can develop in 3 directions:

  • The Expert path: Become the best in your field,
  • The Management path: create and/or manage a Team of people with an associated solution set,
  • The Change path: change your role within the company and move to a different function (for example from Engineering to Project Management) or to a different Business Unit (for example from one practice to another).

Company Culture

  • An equal opportunities company, respecting and embracing diversity across all functions,
  • An open and challenging working environment:  We have international projects and we share our ideas openly. We therefore continuously present new challenges and new opportunities to each other,
  • The advantages of a large company with well-defined structures and security – together with the spirit and energy  that is usually found in start ups,
  • Space that allows our colleagues to take decisions, we have a tolerance for mistakes, and  we are willing to listen to logical arguments and act upon documented plans,
  • We have full transparency in what everyone does, up to the highest level,
  • We provide an international environment, an open spirit, the opportunity to learn from colleagues from different countries and the possibility to work in different locations.