The Vulnerability Landscape of Greece

The Vulnerability Landscape of Greece Report is a technical report compiled by ADACOM Cyber Security, which includes the major problems of Greek organizations.

The current report contains a statistical analysis of the security findings discovered by ADACOM during a period of three years and a sample of 200 security engagements of various types. The findings represent actual vulnerabilities discovered and/or exploited in a number of systems hosted/managed by organizations mainly established in Greece.

Our objective is to report on these findings with a contextual approach and provide an expert analysis on their source, as well as advise on their remediation.

Data contained in this report come from five (5) different types of assessments, notably:

  • Infrastructure Security Assessment (ISA): assessing the security posture of networks, operating system and application servers;
  • Web Application Security Assessment (WASA): assessing the security posture of web applications;
  • Mobile Application Security Assessment (MASA): assessing the mobile application and the corresponding back end systems;
  • WiFi Security Assessment (WISA): assessing threats against WiFi networks – although a different service, for the purposes of this report, the WiFi assessment results have been included into the infrastructure assessment results;
  • Social Engineering Assessment (SEA): assessing the human element with regards to cyber security.

The following pie chart presents the percentage of the engagement types during the abovementioned time period.

Some very interesting facts:

  • On average, our team managed to break in within 3 days;
  • An average of 30 vulnerabilities were discovered during a typical assessment; 20% of them were critical and lead to penetration/exploitation;
  • The oldest disovered vulnerability was 19 years old (since…1999);
  • Typically, 15% of the organization users freely give their credentials during a social engineering attack.

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The Vulnerability Landscape of Greece