Remote Identity Proofing

NEW Remote Identity Proofing Service by ADACOM

ADACOM as a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP), recently activated following the relevant approval of EETT, the operation of the new remote identity proofing service. This new service complies with Article 24 par. 1d of the eIDAS regulation and is equivalent to the verification of the subscriber’s details through physical presence.

This new service, enriches the range of ADACOM Trust Services, providing the ability of remote identity proofing for the issuance of Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) and the Qualified Electronic Seal (QeSeal).

Natural persons and representatives of companies wishing to obtain Qualified Electronic Signatures or Qualified Electronic Seals will no longer be obliged to verify their identity with physical presence to a Validation office or a visit to a Citizens’ Service Center (KEP). The process can be done electronically, using their ID card or passport through ADACOM’s Remote ID Proofing Service. Throughout the process, guidance is provided on the steps to be followed.

The identity proofing can now be done remotely, easily and quickly, either through an automated video call (also known as dynamic selfie) or via teleconference with a specialized representative of ADACOM.

For the automated video call, no appointment is required as the service is available 24/7 and the process is fully automated, while the teleconference is held by appointment with a representative.

More information about the remote identity proofing service can be found here.