ADACOM’S Innovative Cybersecurity Solution – AI-Driven XDR

Nikitas Kladakis, General Manager of ADACOM, in a recent article in IT Security PRO talked about ADACOM’S Innovative Cybersecurity Solution – AI-Driven XDR.  

ADACOM invests in systems and services that can detect and respond to AI-based or enhanced cyberattacks.  

This service is provided by our state-of-the-art Security Operation Center (SOC) and is an innovative service in the field of cybersecurity, which combines the power of artificial intelligence with Microsoft’s extensive XDR security ecosystem.  

 Our service uses an integrated and holistic approach to directly address complex cyber threats, providing customers with unparalleled protection.  

 To learn more, you can read the article: ADACOM’S INNOVATIVE CYBERSECURITY SOLUTION – AI-DRIVEN XDR