ADACOM at Infocom Security 2021: From CyberSecurity … to Cyber Resilience

ADACOM is pleased to announce its 6th participation as a Sponsor in this year’s 11th Infocom Security Conference. InfoCom Security 2021 – being the largest conference event in Greece for Information Security and Data Protection – took place for another year with great success on April 21, 22 and 23!

Participants had the opportunity to attend a full program with over 70 talks, presentations, discussions and workshops by experts, executives, professionals in the field of Digital Security, Researchers, Academics and representatives of institutions related to security and data protection in Greece and Abroad.

Our Keynote speaker , Argiro Birba, Senior Manager, Cyber Security Assurance, presented the “The value of visibility: Optimize your Cyber Risk Strategy”



Presentation’s key-points:

  • Organizations are living social constructs
  • Global risks to doing business
  • Cyber risks are business risks
  • Need to understand what cyber risks are
  • The impact of lack of risk visibility
  • Maturity-based approach is not adequate
  • Risk visibility enhances your cyber strategy
  • How to optimize your cyber risk strategy

All aspects of information security were analyzed, highlighting, among other things, the central approach to strengthening resilience and focusing on: the challenges that have arisen, today, the best risk management strategies, modern technological tools for protecting IT infrastructure, the balance between privacy and security as well as the pivotal role of Cyber ​​Security Awareness – as a pillar of culture building and full awareness of the seriousness of digital security by business human resources.

Infocom Security was supported by over 50 companies as sponsors and institutions, which played an essential role in its content.

You can watch the full presentation here