ADACOM sponsorship in ShipIT Conference 2022

ADACOM participates as a Sponsor in the “ShipIT Conference 2022” organized by netweek magazine of BOUSSIAS Communications and A.M.M.I.TE.C.(Association of Maritime Managers in Information Technology & Communications), under the auspices of International Security Forum / ISF and Norwegian Center for Cybersecurity in Critical Sectors (NORCICS), on Tuesday 26th of September 2022.

This one-day strategic event addressed to the maritime, shipping, ocean freight and port industry, analyzing the impact of the digitalization on the Maritime’s operations and business performance.

The conference is creating a unique knowledge exchange and networking platform for the maritime and port industry, where senior business and OT and ICT executives meet, discuss and evaluate how critical to the Shipping Companies as well as to Port Operations a Robust Digital Strategy is. In an industry increasingly reliant on automation and remote monitoring, the need for robust Cyber Risk Management of critical systems and assets on ships as well as on ports has never been more acute.

As part of the 8th Ship IT in the Session 1: Cyber Safety & Cyber Resilience across the maritime supply chain, Mr. Nikitas Kladakis – General Manager of ADACOM at his presentation titled:

Building cyber resilience for shipping industry

analyses Maritime Cybersecurity Challenges and their impact to shipping companies as well as the tools, architectures, technologies and services our company provides to manage atack surface and risk in shipping industry environments.

Assistant in this effort is the hollistic approach in Prediction, Prevention, Detection & Analysis, Automation / Orchestration and Respond areas, as well as the use of Automation and Artificial Intelligence technologies, which are independent of where the IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) infrastructures are located.