Strong Authentication Project for Major Healthcare Institution in Israel

ADACOM has recently announced its collaboration with a Major Healthcare Institution in Israel for implementing Symantec’s VIP Strong Authentication solution.

ADACOM’s integration of Symantec’s VIP solution will enable the client to adopt Strong Authentication that extends the use of Username and Password to access sensitive information. Symantec’s VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) is a leading cloud-based strong authentication service that enables enterprises to secure online access and transactions, maintain compliance and reduce fraud risk.

A fully hosted SaaS solution, VIP offers a cost-effective way to give authorized users access to business resources, enterprise applications and online websites while protecting from Identity theft, mitigating risk and maintaining compliance with a scalable, reliable Two-Factor Authentication platform delivered without the high cost of infrastructure and operations.

With VIP, the client users can remotely access the client systems and data with various credentials like SMS messages, Tokens, Smart Cards and Smartphones. Every OATH compliant device is supported, allowing the client to be vendor independent. VIP ensures the highest security standards compliance and at the same time reduces costs, allows scalability and significantly improves the usability of One Time Password devices by allowing users to carry only one Token for all authentications (or no token in the case of smartphones).

ADACOM delivered the full solution within a few weeks.