Data Loss Prevention Risk Assessment for a Major Gas Company in Algeria

A Major Gas Company in Algeria has requested an evaluation of data security technologies to strengthen their security posture. ADACOM has responded by proposing a Symantec Data Loss Prevention (“DLP”) Risk Assessment Service that enables Customers to assess and understand the risk related to data leakage incidents. Through this service, risk reduction is designed to allow identification and remediation of key risk areas, about data leakage and at the same time to minimize the potential disruption to employees and the business.

To help the client assess the risk of data leakage in a real-case environment and to understand the capabilities and features of Symantec DLP, ADACOM proposed a test plan that covers over a set of specific test cases that highlight DLP’s functionality. The test plan walks through in a logical order how Customers would use Symantec DLP for data loss prevention.

ADACOM Consultants deployed DLP Network Monitor and DLP Endpoint Prevent/Discover Server modules in the Customer’s production environment, while work with Symantec’s Architects and the client’s project sponsors in order to deliver the following:

  • Pilot: During the Pilot Deployment phase of the project, Adacom will assist the Customer to deploy the solution according to the requirements agreed to during the information-gathering phase of the service. Accordingly, Symantec will develop a Solution Design and Project Plan for the deployment of the Pilot. Following completion of the Solution Design Document, Adacom will commence with the deployment of the Pilot.
  • Definition and configuration of the environments and systems in scope, according to the configuration framework defined in the Solution Design Document:
  • Testing: The testing will be carried out according to the plan defined in the Functional Test Plan agreed upon in advance by the Customer and Symantec.
  • Knowledge Transfer: The Adacom consultant will provide the Customer’s staff with knowledge transfer throughout the engagement.
  • Implementation Guide: The Adacom consultant will create an Implementation Guide for the Customer, which will contain the installation instructions along with relevant snapshots to assist the customer to understand their newly installed environment.

This is a project required 35 mandays.