Data Loss Prevention Project for Electricity Distribution Company in Morocco

A Major Electricity Distribution Company at Morocco has requested a complete data loss prevention (DLP) solution providing network, endpoint, and discovery capabilities. The solution proposed should be easy to install and easy‐to‐manage, cost effective and scalable. The solution should have the flexibility and support to take advantage of future third‐party solutions through connectivity and data sharing.

The purpose of the assignment is to acquire, implement and maintain a data loss prevention system and to prevent the loss of confidential data wherever it is stored or used – across endpoint, network, and storage systems for 500 users for Endpoint offering Advanced and Real-time Security to protect the group’s information system infrastructure.

In response to the requirements posed by the client, ADACOM provided a unified solution to discover, monitor, and protect confidential data wherever it is stored, transmitted and/or used, by using Symantec Data Loss Prevention.
The implemented solution offers a holistic coverage of confidential data across network—whether the users are on or off the corporate network. By measurably reducing risk, the project outcome offered the client new confidence to demonstrate compliance with their specific needs as well as the requirements posed by legal and regulatory authorities.
ADACOM offered the following services:

  • Project Planning: Ongoing management of the project to ensure that objectives are met.
  • Business Enablement Consulting: Documented business and technical requirements
  • Installation of the solution, including documentation of policies and workflows
  • Acceptance Test Plan
  • Training: Delivery of training sessions
  • Project Closing Meeting: Final meeting

The project was completed within 25 days.