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ADACOM e-SignIT is a complete solution for creating workflows and signing documents using advanced and qualified electronic signatures and seals.

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The service includes:

  • Individual signing (eSignature)
  • Bulk signing/Seal for high-volume documents, such as eInvoicing, eArchiving and PDF Filing
  • Pre-built integration with Adobe Acrobat Sign and DocuSign
  • Integration with CSC-compliant applications through API (Application Programming Integration) integration, or with custom-built signing workflows
  • Support for Long Term Validation through timestamping

Application Environment

Application Environment

e-SignIT has extensive features for managing approval workflows, collecting different types of digital signatures and managing real-world scenarios such as delegated signing, group signatures and bulk signing of many documents in one go:

  • Sign via smartphone or tablet. It supports both the ability to start workflows and view/sign documents
  • Create a workflow consisting of one or multiple documents
  • Parallel, sequential and custom workflow supported
  • Ability to add fields to the document
  • Ability to sign a document using a remote digital signature / seal, or with a digital signature / seal created in a local QSCD
  • Possibility of bulk automated digital seal on a large number of documents (bulk signing)
  • Continuous monitoring of the progress of the flow, with automated reminders and notifications to the interested party at every step
  • The platform offers users the ability to sign documents in more than 20 languages


Create and apply document signing templates Identify where each user must sign, initial, enter text and set the signing order Once the document is shared, people are notified by email when they need to sign the document

e-SignIT flow


e-SignIT is provided as a service through ADACOM's secure and certified facilities, or it can be installed on the customer's premises.

The solution is certified according to EU standards (CWA 14167-1) and Common Criteria EAL4+ (EN 419 241-2 Protection Profile). Additionally, the solution is certified as part of the US government FIPS 201, FPKI Path Discovery, and Validation (PD-VAL) programs.

The EU eIDAS Regulation enables qualified e-signatures to be legally accepted as equivalent to handwritten ones across the EU. Remote qualified signing refers to the fact that eIDAS also allows signatures to be created remotely with the user’s signing keys, also known as central signing, server-side signing or cloud signing. The below diagram describes the whole signing process through e-SignIt.

The Procedure of Signature

The Procedure of Signature