ADACOM S.A. is a VeriSign (now Symantec) Certified Affiliate and member of the Symantec Trust Network. ADACOM is listed in the ‘’Trusted List of supervised/accredited Certification Service Providers (CSPs)’’ who are supervised/accredited by EETT for compliance with the relevant provisions of Directive 1999/93/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 13 December 1999 on a Community framework of electronic signatures. By implementing SYZEFXIS & HERMES PKI infrastructures, ADACOM has become the PKI Provider of the two largest e–Government PKI services.

ADACOM is recognized as a leader in the PKI & Strong Authentication arena, having the largest strong authentication installation base in Greece, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Albania, FYROM, Bulgaria and Cyprus.

ADACOM operates  the only two -authorized by VeriSign- (now Symantec) Processing Centers in Eastern Europe having the ability to provide a full range of PKI services and related strong authentication services to its customers.


eID/ePassport PKI

Governments are continually looking for ways to deliver better services to their constituents in a faster, more effective and more cost-efficient way. As more and more services have come online through e-government, privacy and data protection concerns and have also grown. ADACOM has a proven record of providing solutions that helps governments to address security and privacy issues related to their e-government services.

Through its partnership with Entrust, ADACOM has the ability to deliver solutions for first- and second-generation ePassports, as well as numerous citizen identification initiatives. ePassport technology is based on two current standards: Basic Access Control (BAC) and Extended Access Control (EAC). Both enable strong border control and authentication of identities and biometric datasets on today’s machine-readable travel documents (MRTDs).
From citizen eID cards, ePassports, digital certificates and strong citizen authentication, Entrust and ADACOM’s experience in deploying large scale PKI projects, ensures success into these large and critical government projects.


CA & RA Services

By having installed in its Processing Center Symantec/VeriSign MPKI technology ADACOM has the ability to provide a full suite of PKI services to organizations that plan to issue certificates in order to get benefit from digital signatures and have the ability to sign, encrypt and strong authenticate themselves in just a few days and with zero HW needed.

VeriSign Managed PKI Service is a PKI certificate management and authentication service that runs through ADACOM Processing Center leveraging VeriSign’s proven, globally managed, highly reliable infrastructure. Quick to deploy and easily integrated into the existing network infrastructure, VeriSign Managed PKI Service can be used either for Qualified or non Qualified certificates and it is optimized for heterogeneous operating system environments, homogeneous Windows and Active Directory environments, and non-PC based devices including ATMs, printers, telecommunications, and networking equipment.


Client Certificates

Through its own CA’s, ADACOM has the ability to issue Qualified or non Qualified certificates to physical entities around the Globe. Qualified Certificates are been issued on Secure Signature Creation Devices, meets EU directive 99/93 and are following ADACOM CPS of QCs. ADACOM CA for QCs is listed at the Hellenic Regulatory Body EETT Trusted List for accredited/supervised CSP’s.

ADACOM’s non-qualified certificates can be used for Secure Email facilitating digitally signing and encryption of digital communications, by the use of a Class 1 Digital ID bound to a validated email address. Recipients of this email will know that the content came from this specific email address and has remained private during transmission.

If you would like to purchase or renew client certificates, visit Class 1 Certificates and Qualified Certificates. If you require more information on ADACOM Class 1 certificates, please contact us.


SSL Certificates

ADACOM is the VeriSign SSL certificate issuer for Eastern Europe having the ability to issue Secure and Secure Pro SSL certificates, through its Processing Center. In addition to this, ADACOM is authorized to resell any kind of SSL certificates issued by VeriSign/Symantec, Thawte, Geotrust of COMODO. For more information, please visit our new website: