Archiving Solutions

Information Management Challenges of today are data growth, user mindset to keep all data, duplicate data, backup window times, manage unstructured information and many more setbacks that causes environment handling become expensive and unmanageable.
Enterprise Vault, the industry leader in archiving solution and most widely deployed, offers customers a central archive platform, providing: storage optimization, data retention and deletion, improved searches for eDiscovery needs across Exchange and SharePoint, Domino, file servers, and additional content sources such as social media and websites archiving.
With Single-Instancing enabled and high compression rate, storage cost reduced dramatically. Exchange mailbox sizes are reduced and easier to manage, and full reporting on mailboxes allows optimization of archiving policies accordingly.
Moving archived less frequently accessed information from expensive storage to lower cost storage. De-duplication of archive content from all archiving platforms (FS, Exchange, SP etc).
All these methods will reduce storage use in over 60%.



Clearwell eDiscovery platform is an enterprise scale eDiscovery solution.
With Clearwell, enterprise companies, governments, and law firms can manage their legal, regulatory and investigative matters to take place on one centralized application.
Clearwell designed and built for the special needs of eDiscovery, making it easy for organizations to defensibly solve real time challenges across the entire eDiscovery lifecycle, from legal hold and collections through analysis, review and production.
Transparent Predictive Coding machine learning technology improves the effectiveness of the search reviews.
Enterprise Vault Collector is the only Symantec-certified tool for collecting content directly from Enterprise Vault. In addition, user can mark items for legal holding in their archives.


Migration Tools

With third party tools we can migrate from every archive platform to Enterprise Vault platform or different archiving platforms.
Migration can handle the following archiving/mail methods: EAS, PST files, EMC, HP, commvault, Exchange and other content sources.
Migration process works in the background, without user disturbance. Allowing the migration to work 24/7 and achieve maximum transfer rates and fast results.
PST files can be digested into the Enterprise Vault systems using third party tools as well, allowing the process of migration to be centralized and managed from one server.


Our Team Expertise

All team members are holding the following accreditations:
ASC (accredited Symantec Specialist) – Archiving and eDiscovery Specialization
STS (Symantec Technical Specialist) – Symantec Enterprise Vault 10.0 for Exchange
SSE (Symantec Sales Expert) – Symantec Enterprise Vault 10
SSE+ (Symantec Sales Expert +) – Symantec Enterprise Vault 10 (April 2012)
Our experts have been in the Archiving & eDiscovery field for over 6 years, delivering best solution and results to their customers.