Digital Signing as a Service


Adobe Acrobat Sign

Acrobat Sign provides the signing platform portal and ADACOM provides the Qualified Digital Certificates.

A secure, cloud-based digital signing solution

ADACOM verifies remotely natural persons’ identity and issues Qualified Certificates for Remote eSignature hosted in our Remote QSCDs. These certificates can then be linked to users' Acrobat Sign accounts, enabling them to apply legally binding signatures to digital documents.

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How it works


Identity Verification

A remote signing account is created. ADACOM verifies the identity and onboards the user.


Certificate Issuance

Each user issues their personal qualified certificate. Certificates are stored and managed via the Adacom AQS portal.


Digital Signature

Users link their Adacom Remote Signing account to their Acrobat Sign account and are immediately able to digitally sign documents with a legally binding signature.

Remote Signing with Acrobat Sign Benefits

High-Assurance Signatures

Combines identity verification, authentication, and document-integrity features to provide legally binding.

Full Integration

Acrobat Sign automatically triggers the Adacom Remote Signing Service when a digital signature is requested.

Global Trust and Compliance

ADACOM is an EU Qualified Trust Service Provider listed to the EU trusted list.

Remote Signing with ADACOM Features

Remote Signing Standard

ADACOM integrates with Acrobat Sign via a standard Remote Signing Protocol, developed by Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC).

Verified User Identity

ADACOM verifies user identity according to ETSI standards.

Adacom Qualified Services Portal

Users manage their certificate and view their signing activity on the AQS Portal.


We generate and store qualified certificates for Remote eSigning in our Common Criteria Remote QSCDs that operate within our secure datacenters


Every signature generated is accompanied by a Qualified Timestamp with our RFC 3161- compliant timestamping service.

Long-Term Validation

Leverage our Timestamping Authority and Online Certificate Status Protocol services to create LTV signatures and extend your signatures’ lifetime.

Remote Signing with Acrobat Sign Resources

ADACOM Remote Signing Service Datasheet