Thales USA,  Inc. ( has expanded its U.S. operation in recent years to focus on a wider range of core customer and market segments. With nearly 3,000 employees, Thales in the U.S. has demonstrated a commitment to the U.S. economy by establishing a solid local workforce and production capability. Every day organizations in U.S. government, defense, aerospace, banking, ground transporation, finance, and air travel depend on Thales to provide innovative technologies that deliver safety, security and seamless information management. Whether a person is a passenger in an airplane watching the Thales In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity system, descending in an aircraft using a Thales instrument landing system, or completing a secure transaction through the capability of Thales encryption technology, one thing is certain — Thales is dedicated to providing technologies that protect our well-being, enhance our safety, and open doors to new solutions for issues facing the globe everyday. Read More