New cyber security partnership for ADACOM and Torsion Information Security

Adacom to introduce Torsion’s unique solution for Data Access Governance.

Cyber security specialists Adacom are enriching its capabilities for helping customers control sprawling access to files and folders through a new partnership with Torsion Information Security.

The partnership means that the Torsion solution, which gives visibility and control over sprawling access to files and folders by monitoring who has access to what, why and when, will be used by Adacom in its portfolio of services that includes data governance, compliance, and infrastructure security, among a wide range of Digital Trust and Advisory solution portfolio.

Torsion integrates with existing collaboration systems such as Office 365, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and legacy File Share bases repositories, working with business users to monitor and control access. The solution intelligently detects anomalies and vulnerabilities, and flags any issues to the right people in the business.

“Data Governance is one of our key competencies and we’re really excited to work with Torsion on helping our customers solving one of the hardest problems. We believe that Torsion has built a complete solution to accommodate the modern enterprise needs, while continuously expanding its capabilities to address upcoming requirements.  .” says Dimitrios Patsos, CTO at Adacom.

“We are delighted to be able to announce our partnership with Adacom. Adacom have an established presence in multiple countries and an amazing range of cyber security solutions and consultancy. In the continually challenging world of cyber security, it’s crucial for us to have such an innovative, like minded partner who enable their customers to manage, track and control their critical business information.” says Peter Bradley, CEO at Torsion.

The addition of Torsion to the Adacom portfolio maintains the company’s mission of delivering advanced cyber security solutions for financial institutions, telecom operators, governments and large organizations in more than 30 countries.


About Adacom

ADACOM is a leading, Qualified Trust Service Provider, a Cyber Security Integrator and a Managed Services Provider with a customer base spanning in more than 30 countries in EMEA. Established in 1999, ADACOM has designed and implemented multiple  Cybersecurity & PKI projects for Financial Institutions, Telecom Operators, Government and Large Organizations. More than 200 organizations in Europe, Middle East and Africa, rely on ADACOM to help protect and secure their data, keeping their business safe.

About Torsion

Torsion solves the problem of sprawling access to files and folders by integrating with collaboration systems such as Sharepoint, Teams and Office 365, to monitor and control access. Constant sharing with little visibility or control of who has access to what, leads to significant security and compliance challenges. Torsion gives control back to the business user of who has access to what, why and when. The unique solution is cloud-first, smooth to deploy and affordable for businesses of all sizes.