Double Gold Award for ADACOM at Cyber Security Awards 2023

ADACOM (a company of IDEAL Holdings SA portfolio) participated in the Cyber Security Awards 2023, an event highlighting and rewarding best practices, right tools, equipment and services for cyber security management and data security, in private and public sector organizations, and critical infrastructures.  

With cyber-attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated and frequent, it is extremely necessary for both organizations and businesses as well as solution and service providers, to be ahead and stay ahead when it comes to security measures and strategies.  

ADACOM as a solutions & services provider, participated in 2 categories of the Cyber-Security Products & Services section and received gold awards in both categories:   

  • Gold award in the Incident Response & Vulnerability Management category, with the nomination Incident Response Service and 
  •  Gold award in the Security Operations Center/SOC category, with the nomination AI-Driven Managed XDR 

 These awards recognize not only the hard work, expertise and dedication to secure and protect the digital assets of businesses and organizations, but also the significant contribution of our executives to the cybersecurity community.  

Winning these two gold awards at this event shows that ADACOM is being recognized for its up-to-now achievements and for the services and solutions provided and is a sign of greater things to come.  With the cybersecurity expertise and dedication of its executives, the digital security future of its customers looks brighter and more secure than ever.