“ADACOM’s Managed XDR Services based on FORTINET’s solutions” Live Premium Event at 18/11/2021

“ADACOM’s Managed XDR Services based on FORTINET’s solutions” Live Premium Event at 18/11/2021


ADACOM and Fortinet, being partners for over a decade, organized the premium event “ADACOM’s Managed XDR Services based on FORTINET’s solutions” at 18/11/21. 

The event took place at Pyrgos Vasilissis in Athens, also known as the Queen’s Tower, which was born out of Queen Amalia’s vision of the establishment of a model agricultural facility, where innovative production methods were to be applied aiming to the modernization of the Greek agronomy. The tower is the only royal tower in Greece that is preserved and restored and is open to the public. 


Our speakers analyzed how ADACOM’s XDR Services based on FORTINET’s solutions, can monitor, detect and protect your endpoints from cyber threats. The Agenda included: 

  • Panagiotis Sotiriou, ADACOM / Director, Cyber Security Technology

Adacom’s MSS Services: A partner you can trust for your security monitoring on a 24x7x365 base

  • Antonis Proimadis, FORTINET / Channel sales manager

FortiEDR, defending your endpoints from the invisible threats

  • Antonis Valakas, FORTINET / Senior Systems Engineer

Fortinet Incident response services

  • Konstantinos Patsakis, Associate Professor, Department of Informatics, PA.PEI.
  • & George Karatzas, Undergraduate Student of PA.PEI., Security Researcher Athena

FortiEDR efficiency from an attacker’s perspective

Our premium guests had the opportunity to experience a unique tour to this great monument of our contemporary history and admire the artistic and historical value of Queen’s Tower, as well as the assets of its beautiful, natural surroundings. During the tour at the Tower, our guests had also the opportunity to taste its splendid wines, accompanied with a pie of greens and cheeses and be taught the wine secrets, through a live wine tasting

We would like to thank all our partners and friends, who honored us with their presence.

Special thanks to our speakers Panagiotis Sotiriou, Antonis Proimadis, Antonis Valakas, Konstantinos Patsakis and George Karatzas for this excellent holistic approach and analysis in EDRs efficiency.

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