ADACOM’s Managed Security Services integrated with CheckPoint Technologies


ADACOM has been ensuring the smooth and safe operation of its customers’ organizations for over 20 years, helping to secure the digital transformation of their business processes and procedures.

It prevents, detects and responds swiftly to both identifiable and zero-day threats, with its many years of expertise, worldwide know-how, combined with the high training and specialization of its people. As a result, it assures the effective management and combat of internal or external cyber-threats, as well as significant challenges that endanger the information security and the operation of an organization.

It owns one of the most state-of-the-art Secure Operation Center (SOC) to combat cyber threats, which contributes to the protection of critical business infrastructures from cybercrime, with a large team of specialized executives and artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and services.

To provide advanced Managed Security Services, we integrated eASIS, our awarded Threat Management Platform (based on IBM QRadar), with CheckPoint Technologies and Solutions for Endpoints, Network & Cloud workloads.