ADACOM was contracted by ENISA to organize the “CRYPTO THEORY & PRACTICES KNOWLEDGE BUILDING” course

26, 27 November ENISA organizes two days of knowledge building on cryptography for experts from national authorities. This course is especially organized for experts from national authorities, ministries, supervisory bodies, telecom regulators, etc. who are supervising the European trust services sector. The program consists of two days: One day on cryptography foundations and one day on applied cryptography.

ADACOM was contracted by ENISA to organize the second part of the program, on applied cryptography. The program covers:

– QTSP IT Infrastructure – by Kostas Noussias – PKI Technical Manager ADACOM

– eID and eSignature in motion: new technology opportunities and use challenges – Petros Kavassalis – Associate Professor with the University of the Aegean

– TSP roadmap to compliance against eIDAS – Panagiota Lagou – ADACOM, Information Security Officer and Evaggelia Papadaki – ADACOM, Compliance Officer

– eIDAS audit from a CAB perspective – Nikos Soumelidis – ISMS, eIDAS, GDPR Lead Auditor & Scheme Owner

– eIDAS Audit workshop – by QMSCERT and Nikos Soumelidis

– Remote QSCD solution, audit and certification process –  Craig Roberts, CTO, ASCERTIA

– Remote ID Identification – by Gemalto

– Two-Factor Biometric Authentication Architectures using next-generation Smart Phones and Hardware Security Module OTPs – Panagiotis Georgakopoulos,

Regular knowledge building is important, especially in this case where regulators are dealing with a highly technical topic in a fast-changing field. ENISA is building up the knowledge of the regulators to ensure that the national authorities are aware of market developments as well as the security challenges, and opportunities, of new technology.