Adacom Security Briefing Vol. 4: Security as a Business Enabler

Athens, November 11th, 2014

ADACOM S.A., a leading PKI and Information Security solutions provider,  hosted the “Security as a Business Enabler event”, as part of its Security Briefing Sessions.

Corporate executives from major organizations had the chance to review and update the ADACOM offering, with a focus on SafeNet and Ascertia, and the value these solutions can bring to the modern enterprise.

Mr. Ondrej Valent, Regional Sales Manager Central EMEA and Marko Bobinac, PreSales Central EMEA της SafeΝet, demonstrated how to accelerate business growth by securing the data breach. SafeNet is a leading global provider of data protection. For over 25 years, global corporations and government agencies have turned to SafeNet to secure and protect their most valuable data assets and intellectual property. SafeNet’s data-centric approach focuses on the protection of high value information throughout its lifecycle, from the data center to the cloud. More than 25,000 customers across commercial enterprises and government agencies trust SafeNet to protect and control access to sensitive data, manage risk, ensure compliance, and secure virtual and cloud environments.

Mr. Rod Crook, Solutions Director of Ascertia, focused on the importance of digital signatures which replace handwritten signatures with an unprecedented pace,  and how Ascertia solutions can simplify the digital signing and verification process by incorporating timestamping, secure electronic archiving and eID validation.  These key functions deliver the essential trust services needed by governments, financials, telco, healthcare and other organisations to conduct electronic business. Businesses need traceability, accountability and audit services plus clear originator authentication, signed approvals, assured data integrity and provenance to allow them to meet legislative, regulatory and internal controls requirements.

During this event, Ms. Mina Zoulovits, attorney at law that specializes in company and business law with an expertise in innovation, IT and e-commerce law, presented the current regulatory framework of electronic signatures and elaborated on how the international regulation can enable the use of digital signatures in corporate and government applications.

ADACOM features a large team of specialized information security consultants and engineers, having a vast knowledge and large international experience in digital signatures and data protection that can effectively assist corporations and organization of any size to successfully adopt similar solutions, with a complete portfolio of consulting, analysis, design, development, deployment and project management services.