ADACOM launches its new SSL website!

ADACOM as a Symantec Affiliate and a Symantec Platinum Partner provides all types of VeriSign SSL certificates issued by Symantec, Thawte & Geotrust.

We recommend you to purchase an SSL certificate if you have an online store or accept online orders and credit cards; offer a login or sign-in on your website, you process sensitive data (such as address, birth date, license- or ID numbers); need to comply with privacy and security requirements; value privacy and expect others to trust you and your website.

ADACOM invites you to visit now its new SSL website (  in order to find all relevant information about SSL certificates; including new prices, warranties and features of each certificate. In addition, the new SSL website will provide you the ability to compare the different SSL certificates offered, choose the one that better supports you needs and complete your purchases online (as well as your renewals).