ADACOM & CYNET Roundtable 2019 “Cynet 360 Introduction Day”


ADACOM joined forces with CYNET and organized a Roundtable, called “Cynet 360 Introduction Day” on Tuesday 5th of November 2019.

The Roundtable conducted by Cynet, was focused on Cynet 360, the world’s first autonomous breach protection platform that consolidates and automates Monitoring & Control, Attack Prevention & Detection and Response Orchestration across the entire environment.


During the Roundtable we had the opportunity to discuss how Cynet 360 eliminates the need of a complex multi-product security stacks, making robust breach protection within reach for any organization, regardless of its size and security skills

We want to thank all of our customers who attended this great event.

Also, special thanks to Erez Braun, Ysuf Usta and George Andrianessis for their technical detailed presentations.