ADACOM at 17th Bank Management Conference 2019

We are delighted to sponsor the 17th Bank Management Conference 2019, cooperating with Digicert, our trusted partner.

The 17th Bank Management Conference entitled “The Future-Ready Bank” is engaging Banking Executives, Thought Leaders, International Incumbents, Neo-Banks and Challenger Banks, as well as the Fintech ecosystem to explore the dynamics and the process of acquiring future-proof readiness.

Keynote speeches by international Thought Leaders and highly-ranked Banking executives from the Fintech ecosystem, Panels of Discussion by leading Decision makers and Banking Executives, developed and highlighted critical and state-of-the-art issues of the Future-Ready Bank, in an interactiveanalysis of alternatives across the new reality in the Banking Sector.

We would like to thank all the attendees for their interest and support, and also Digicert and Mr. Avesta Hojjati, Head of R&D atDigiCert for sharing his knowledge and presenting ““The Role of Identity and Data Protection in the Era of Modern Banking”