ADACOM CY at PAII 2023 Conference

Mrs. Altani Batoudaki, Director Manager of ADACOM CY, at the 8th Pancyprian Association of Insurance Intermediaries Conference held on 24 of May 2023, shared remarkable insights that were presented during her speech about

Cyber Defense Challenges in Insurance Industry

In an era where data is the lifeblood of industry, prioritizing robust data security practices is essential for maintaining trust, protecting sensitive information, and staying ahead in the digital world.

Mrs. Altani Batoudaki delved into the critical importance of data security in Insurance Industry, highlighted the evolving data breaches and potential consequences faced by organizations in the event of a breach. Acknowledging these risks, the presentation offered strategies and solutions to empower the Insurance Industry in safeguarding their data assets.

By implementing the strategies and solutions that ADACOM shared, the Insurance Industry can fortify their data security posture.

You can watch the full presentation (in Greek) here: