ADACOM in IDC Security Roadshow 2010, Bratislava

April, 2010. ADACOM S.A. was a gold partner in the IDC IT Security Roadshow 2010 that took place in Bratislava, Slovakia on April 08, 2010. The topic of the conference was “Battling Sophisticated Threats: Security Strategies and Smart Infrastructure for the Resilient Enterprise”.
Bringing together independent security experts, analysts, industry leaders, vendors, academics and government officials the IDC IT Security Roadshow 2010 provided a unique platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and discussions on current best practices with a focus on the most critical themes. This year’s IDC IT Security Roadshow features a holistic approach to IT security, helping companies to see it as a business enabler rather than a necessary cost, and offers practical advice on developing effective security programs that correspond to changes in IT and working paradigms, as well as in the international regulatory framework. Throughout the duration of the conference the main topics of discussions focused on how modern technologies based on virtualization, cloud computing, and other innovative approaches along with sound security strategies can prevent potential loss of revenue or customer base by mitigating risks originating either from inside or outside the corporate boundaries.

ADACOM and VeriSign delivered two presentations which gained the interest of the attendants, and triggered numerous discussions during the conference. The Director of Business Development at VeriSign, Mr. Phil D’Angio presented the topic “National PKI – the Foundation of Trust for E-Government”. During the presentation, Mr. D’ Angio illustrated the emerging development of Public Key Infrastructure as the trust-enabling platform for governments are implementing National ID, E-Government, and ePassport programs. The presentation stated that today’s government authorities are faced with unique challenges, ranging from the credential provisioning and authentication of citizens and foreign nationals, to securing the organizations they daily interact and perform transactions. It was further discussed that the need for a common, scalable, and trusted framework to authenticate people, organizations and devices has become more apparent than ever before. Finally, the presentation reviewed successful National PKI through a number of different deployment models, including the Greek e-Government portal Hermes which was presented as the reference model of National PKI deployments.

Mr. Evangelos Kotsonis, Senior Security Consultant at ADACOM S.A., highlighted the challenges faced by organizations and individuals for Trust establishment in the online world, with the use of innovative and intelligent service channels. His presentation, titled “Creating trust in the Era of the Cloud Computing”, suggested a new paradigm in securing online transactions. The VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) Authentication Service constitutes a cost-saving, scalable, secure and easy to implement solution that allows organizations to increase online security and generate revenues through a revenue sharing model