ADACOM at the 5th Infocom Security Conference

2 April 2015 – ADACOM: a Golden Sponsor of the 5th Infocom Security Conference
ADACOM was a Golden Sponsor of the 5th Infocom Security Conference that took place on 1st April 2015, in Athens, Greece.

Infocom Security Conference is established as the annual meeting of information security professionals in Southeastern Europe. Like every year, companies, organizations, independent professionals, academics, students and experts of the regional information security community attended this year’s conference. There were more than 1.500 participants who had the opportunity to be updated of the advanced developments in the information security arena, as those were presented by renowned Greek and international speakers.

Strong emphasis was given on the new threats emerging on a daily basis with increasing quantity and complexity, resulting in new sophisticated risks for the modern enterprise. The new trends in ICT, like cloud computing, enterprise mobility etc. further expose the sensitive corporate information to a new variety of threats, making information safety as one of the most crucial functions of enterprises and organizations.

In this context, ADACOM delivered a keynote speech entitled: “Hands-off security: protecting the information journey from mobile to cloud”, presented by Dr. Dimitrios Patsos, ADACOM’s CTO. In the same section, Elias Chantzos, Senior Director of Government Relations at Symantec, referred to “The state of privacy in Europe and the consequences of the protection of privacy for consumers and corporations”.

During the Conference, the attendees had the opportunity to participate in various workshops organized by the conference sponsors. These workshops covered various aspects of information security, providing a hands-on experience to the participants.

ADACOM, together with its partners, Symantec and Boldon James, organized and delivered the following two workshops:
1)Email protection to smartphones and tablets | ADACOM & SYMANTEC
2)Using Data Classification in Practice to Enhance Data Loss Prevention | ADACOM & BOLDON JAMES

Both workshops were oversubscribed, while the attendees’ interest regarding the latest developments and opportunities provided by the technologies presented was obvious, resulting in very productive discussions and knowledge transfer.

For more information about the conference, you can refer to Infocom’s official website: