Strong Authentication Solution for Major Satellite Company in Israel

ADACOM Systems Ltd. has recently completed the implementation of Symantec’s VIP solution for a major Israeli-based telecommunication company with more than 20 offices worldwide. By enabling Symantec’s VIP, the Organization has adopted the most efficient and innovative cloud-based strong authentication solution available today, securing online access and transactions for its employees around the globe.
The solution designed and implemented included the use of hardware OTP tokens as well as Mobile OTP application which enables the usage of employees existing smartphones for accessing the corporate network. On top of that, intelligence authentication, an additional flavor within Symantec’s VIP measures risk based on transactional and behavioral patterns in order to inform the administrators about possible fraud risk from unauthorized network access..
ADACOM Systems Ltd, Symantec’s VIP partner, used its substantial experience from several VIP implementation in Israel and Eastern Europe to successfully integrate the solution into Organization infrastructure within less than a week.