PKI project for ADACOM in FYROM

ADACOM S.A., a VeriSign affiliate and main Certification Service Provider (CSP) for the Balkans and Mediterranean region has initiated the implementation of a large PKI project for the company KIBS, a clearing house in Skopje, FYROM. KIBS selected ADACOM to create and host both the intermediate and issuing Certification Authorities (CAs) which will issue digital certificates to clients and end users of services that KIBS offers. The CAs created are also signed by VeriSign’s Public Certification Authority and therefore the issued digital certificates are trusted across the world by all computers and applications, without any user intervention. Through this project, KIBS increases the security level of the electronic transactions. In this project, ADACOM was responsible for designing, implementing and hosting the entire Public Key Infrastructure and providing the required interfaces which the Registration Authority of KIBS will use to manage the lifecycle of the issued digital certificates.