Data Loss Prevention Project for Major Retailer in the UK

A major UK retailer has requested a complete Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution in regards to protecting sensitive company data across the organization. The project would need to cover more than 15.000 employee workstations, the existing email infrastructure, all data in motion through web traffic and data residing in company data repositories.

Symantec suggested ADACOM as the most competent DLP partner to carry out a (first time) DLP implementation for the major retailer in the UK.

The challenges of the project were mostly due to a lot of unmet dependencies on the client’s side, as the project had already been running another partner for a long period of time, without a tangible success. ADACOM consultants were engaged to provide support both remotely and on site (2 visits), with tasks such as:

  • Review and update existing implementation designs (HLD/LLD)
  • Creation from scratch of the non-existing designs
  • Implementation of pre-production environment (1 server / module)
  • Implementation of production environment (sizing based on vendor’s recommendations and customer’s needs)
  • Integration of solution with customer’s existing infrastructure
  • Agreed policy set review and update
  • Additional policy creation and testing based on customer’s requests
  • Solution demonstration to the customer’s stakeholders
  • Additional business / technical workshops with requested business owners
  • Provide single technical point of contact for all customer / vendor communications
  • Implementation of the Production Environment (4 Cloud servers for Email Checking / 9 Discover Servers for scanning on data repositories)
  • Implementation of Symantec best practices on all servers
  • Production rollout for the Email, Endpoint and Network Discovery modules
  • Creation of DLP policies for identification of PCI data (Credit card numbers, IBAN numbers, Magnetic strip data, Bank account numbers)
  • Creation of DLP policies for identification of Personal Identifiable Information (UK Passport Numbers, UK Driver’s license, UK National Insurance Numbers)

Based on the above, the solution has been delivered in the pre-production environment, the customer has accepted the proposed implementation approach and benefits such as information visibility, data business flow legitimacy and employees handling of sensitive data have been demonstrated.