Data Loss Prevention Project for Major Bank in Mauritius

A newly incorporated bank in Mauritius aims to become the most modern bank on the island, serving hundreds of thousands of customers from all across the planet through electronic channels. In this context, the security of the electronic transactions was paramount.

ADACOM helped the client install a Data Loss Prevention, based on Symantec technology, to prevent leakage from data in motion, data at rest and data at endpoints, by creating the necessary policies and workflows, while also helped the bank achieve and maintain compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

ADACOM offered the following services:

  • Project Planning: Ongoing management of the project to ensure that objectives are met.
  • Business Enablement Consulting: Documented business and technical requirements
  • Installation of the solution, including documentation of policies and workflows
  • Acceptance Test Plan
  • Training: Delivery of training sessions

The project was completed within 30 days.