Data Classification for a Government Organization in Abu Dhabi

ADACOM was assigned the incorporation of a Data Classification solution to the environment of a Government Organization in Abu Dhabi. Responding to the business needs of the customer, ADACOM suggested and implementantion of Boldon James Data Classification solution, which helps the organization identify and control forms of both structured and unstructured information assets including documents, emails, images and simple text files.

ADACOM methodology consists of the following phases: Initially, in the requirement analysis phase, based on the information provided and depended on whether the stated requirements were complete and consistent. This phase encompassed the tasks that identify the needs to meet in accordance with the customer’s input. The result of this process defined the issues and conditions that should be considered to properly implement the solution and also depicted the features with which the end-user would interact. The implementation phase includes installation and configuration, by implementing the customer’s needs across the working environment. The following phase includes the process of publishing the configuration in the File Store location. The mechanism in use ensures that the configuration reached the client environment. The proper permissions are set in order to allow clients to read the configuration, by appropriately setting the registry keys, either directly, or by using the clien’s deployment tool.

Eventually, in the phase of functionality testing, tests are performed in order to ensure the functionality of Boldon James data classification solution. Testing the functionality of the software verified that the outputs were the expected ones and the configuration works as the customer needs.