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Threat Intelligence

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ADACOM, as a leading MSS provider, offers an advanced Threat Intelligence Service designed to equip businesses with the insights needed to combat cyber threats effectively. This service is centered around the meticulous gathering, analysis, and interpretation of data on current and emerging threats that could potentially impact an organization's digital infrastructure.

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Threat Intelligence


Now more than ever employees work from home and organizations increasingly rely on cloud-based services. With employees working from home, organizations must address the security risks associated with employees using their own devices for work and their home Wi-Fi connection to enter the corporate network.

Even with IT resources in place, vulnerabilities are inherent in devices used for both work and personal use—vulnerabilities exploited by cyber criminals. Further, with more companies using cloud-hosted, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, many of which are mission-critical, the privacy and security of an increasing amount of data entered through websites remain difficult to manage.

ADACOM leverages a combination of cutting-edge technologies and expert analysis to identify threats, vulnerabilities, and malicious actors. By analyzing this data in the context of global cyber trends and specific industry threats, ADACOM delivers actionable intelligence that enables organizations to understand their threat landscape and make informed decisions regarding their cybersecurity posture. This proactive approach ensures that businesses are not only aware of the threats they face but are also equipped with the knowledge to prevent them, thereby minimizing the risk of data breaches and other security incidents. 

Furthermore, ADACOM's Threat Intelligence Service provides a strategic advantage by offering tailored insights that align with each client's unique security needs and risk tolerance.

Through continuous monitoring of the cyber threat environment—including the dark web and hacker forums—ADACOM uncovers hidden threats and identifies the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used by cyber adversaries. This comprehensive visibility into the cyber threat landscape is enhanced by ADACOM's collaboration with international cybersecurity communities, allowing for the sharing of threat intelligence and best practices. Clients benefit from regular, in-depth reports and real-time alerts that detail the latest threats and vulnerabilities, along with recommendations for mitigation strategies. ADACOM's commitment to excellence in Threat Intelligence ensures that businesses can not only anticipate and respond to cyber threats more effectively but also adopt a more proactive and strategic approach to their overall cybersecurity strategy.