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Managed Security Services

Real Time Threat Management

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Threat monitoring and incident management around the clock, using AI analytics, Network Behavior Analysis, User Behavior Analysis and EDR technologies.

Threat’s environment has changed a lot over the last years, and is characterized by the increasing number of attacks, their complexity and finally the significant impact they have on organizations. To address these threats, we have developed a strategy that is characterized by the principle that the information infrastructure of an organization is compromised and based on possible attack scenarios (use cases).

This strategy guided us to evolve the Managed Security Services we provide through our Intelligence-Driven SOC, using Artificial Intelligence, Network Behavior Analysis, User Behavior Analysis and Endpoint Detection & Response technologies.

The milestone of our Managed Security Services is the advanced and intelligent Threat Management platform (eASIS), on which the use cases are built according to the organization's business activities, its IT infrastructure, security requirements and compliance with regulatory frameworks. The service provided in Prevention, Detection & Response areas.

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24x7 monitoring, management and response to advanced security challenges

Our Managed SOC Services are based in a 24x7 basis monitoring, management, and response to advanced threats and risks. The Services have delivery capabilities to secure simple, complex or hybrid multi-cloud environments and assist organizations in managing compliance with regulatory requirements. A broad portfolio of SOC Services is provided with among the deepest integrated security ecosystem, with industry leading security technologies and certified security experts to protect your organization and maximize value throughout your cyber security journey.

ADACOM provides a list of cyber security solutions as Managed Security Services:

SOC as a Service (SIEM based)
AI-Driven Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR)
Managed Detection and Response