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Managed Security Services

Incident Response

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ADACOM’s Incident Response is a structured approach that organizations follow to manage and address the aftermath of a security incident, such as a cyberattack or data breach.

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Incident Response


The process typically involves several stages, beginning with preparation, where organizations establish robust protocols, assemble incident response teams, and implement proactive measures. When an incident occurs, the identification phase kicks in, focusing on swiftly recognizing and understanding the nature and scope of the breach. Following identification, the containment phase aims to prevent the incident from spreading further, mitigating potential damage and limiting the impact on the organization's systems and data. Subsequent phases involve eradicating the root cause of the incident, recovering affected systems, and conducting a thorough analysis to understand the incident's origin, tactics used, and areas for improvement in future Incident Response strategies.

Clear communication and collaboration among team members are critical throughout the Incident Response process. Organizations often prioritize rapid decision-making, coordination of efforts, and transparent communication both internally and, if necessary, with external stakeholders. Regular testing and updates of Incident Response plans ensure that organizations remain agile and well-prepared to address evolving cybersecurity threats, providing a proactive defense against potential incidents.