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Cyber Security

Governance & Consulting

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Cybersecurity Consulting services facilitate organizations into developing and adopting a Cybersecurity Governance model which is aligned with global best practices, laws, regulations as well as obligations which derive from contractual provisions and/or other industry specific standards. This is performed not only through drafting cybersecurity policies & procedures but also through continuous support and consultation to assist enterprises into enforcing appropriate level of cybersecurity into everyday work and operational processes. Governance model covers required cybersecurity measures to be applied to operational working practices along with processes to achieve continuous monitoring, evaluation and enhancement.

For standards, regulations & guidelines relating to cybersecurity, ADACOM assists organizations in the design and implementation of effective enforcement by providing on-demand expertise. 

Our objective is to support current and future business needs, as well as to support enterprise resilience and provide an effective way for organizations to protect their information in an extremely dynamic and risky environment. 

Compliance Management

ADACOM Consulting team assists organizations to design and implement of effective enforcement and be compliant to standards, regulations and/or guidelines related to cybersecurity.

Compliance with Standards
Compliance with Regulations
Compliance with Guidelines

Roles as a Service

ADACOM’s Roles as a Service, help organizations ensure the security of business-sensitive applications and information technology (IT) infrastructure.The services are provided by highly qualified industry experts and security professionals who help your organizations strengthen the cyber security strategies.

ADACOM Cybersecurity Consulting team can support specific roles for an organization to fully address tasks and activities required on a daily basis.

Information Security Officer (vISO) as a Service
Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a Service

Digital Resilience Readiness

Services provided to an organization for the ability to adapt, withstand, and recover from service disruptions, attacks, and other digital challenges. 

Third Party Management
IT Risk Assessment
Threat Assessment