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Installing technology is the easy part. Making sure that business goals are met and everything is done on time and within the budget, is the real challenge. Our team ensures that cyber security technology is implemented in a way that not only protects, but also enables the business goals of our clients. In many cases we come in to resolve a situation where technology has become too restrictive.

When a company launches a new and innovative service that boosts its competitiveness and offering in the market place, ADACOM ensures that cyber security actually enables it without negating its benefits to the end user and the internal processes. That takes significant expertise in cyber security. We choose the appropriate technologies and our Solutions Architecture team designs a turnkey solution. We then make sure that assign the appropriate team members from our engineering Team. Our specialists are appropriately certified, and continuously trained. We use best practices based on our cumulative experience in challenging international projects, where we not only install technologies, but we also design and implement business processes appropriate to our client’s needs. Our Project Management Office ensures that all this is done on time and on budget.

As an employer, ADACOM is committed to nurturing our people. Our jobs are stimulating and our tasks are challenging. We are working at the forefront of technology and business and we do that internationally for interesting clients. Our success is ultimately based on our ability to attract the best and qualified people in cyber security and making sure they advance their technical expertise and management skills; and we do that well.

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Installing technology is the easy part. Making sure that business goals are met is the real challenge.