ADACOM Red Alert – 30/12/2022

Due to the recent increase in cyber-attacks, our company has put a “Red Alert” in the field of cyber threats and has therefore taken the following actions:

  • Telephone notification for every high and critical security incident
  • Monitoring the Dark/Deep Web for coordinated criminal activity
  • Monitoring of new tactical and technical cyberattacks on critical infrastructure
  • Strict monitoring of Domain Controllers for creation of new accounts with elevated privileges  and/or the addition of accounts to elevated privileges groups
  • Monitoring and notification of RDP traffic via VPN to servers

In addition, to increase the security and resilience level of your organization, we propose the immediately implementation of the following measures:

  • Installation of the latest security patches, on every system that provides services over the Internet
  • Installation of the latest patches for the online security gateway (firewall)
  • Enabling geolocation for the VPN only through Greece
  • Updating the security services for the firewall and activating the IPS module in prevention mode
  • Updating the Endpoint Security solution with the latest engine(s) and signatures
  • Enabling 2FA mainly for the VPN service and for any service provided via the Internet such as web mail, O365 etc.
  • Management of Windows local administrators through the Microsoft LAPS application
  • Disabling, where is possible, RDP access to servers
  • Creation of Full Backup copies and their placement outside the organization network
  • Development of the necessary documentation to prepare, detect, contain and recover from a cyber attack


In the event that you become aware of or detect any cyber-attack, please do not hesitate to contact ADACOM’s Cyber-attack Emergency Response Team by phone at +30 210 5193760 or by email at