Network Security

In the field of ICT networking, the area of network security is perhaps of the most paramount importance as the walls and locks are in the physical world. Network Security consists of the provisions, technologies and policies adopted by the IT department to defend, prevent, detect and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, or leak of network-accessible resources.

Network security often starts from basic authentication mechanisms (one factor), moves to the use of “keys” (ie tokens or smart card etc – two factor), or even with the use of three factor authentication, such as fingerprints or eye scan. The next layer of security encountered by the data is the firewall that enforces access policies, permits or not services and the NAC but both these might fail to detect and protect potentially harmful content such as computer worms or Trojans being transmitted to the network. Anti-virus software on the gate or UTM solution (Unified Thread Management) might be the key to detect such content. This has also defense services such as antispam filtering, web content management, SSL VPN, and application control (Next generation Firewalls) to manage the applications used by network users and their content. An even more effective solution is the network IPS (intrusion prevention system) that helps to detect and inhibit the action of such malware or attack and can be accompanied by honeypots (traps) to detect intrusions. Other solutions, complementary to the above might include an encrypted communication between two hosts using a network to maintain privacy on different layers. UTM firewalls today may also offer DLP on the gateway, advanced networking services (Quality of service) and also network monitoring tools.
Adacom, has a long history in providing network security solutions to large enterprises and critical environments having a multinational clientele with multi-site and complex architectures.


One Time Password Solutions


VIP Authentication Service

A unique, cloud-based service used to authenticate OATH-compliant credential form factors without the cost or complexity of an on-premise solution. With VIP Authentication Service, the end user experiences a fast response and the assurance that their identity is protected by an added layer of security. VIP’s flexible platform is highly available, scalable and reliable, leveraging Symantec expertise in running on-demand, critical Internet infrastructure globally. With VIP, the end user’s identity information stays within your enterprise; only the security code and credential ID pass anonymously to Symantec for validation.

VIP Authentication Service supports a range of OATH-compliant credential form factors to meet the diverse needs of end users. Enterprise customers who use VIP have immediate access to the most convenient and cost effective form factors available for employees, business partners and customers. Freely available credentials for mobile handsets and PC desktops dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership for typical Two-Factor Authentication solutions. Symantec also offers the most deployed and innovative hardware credentials including tokens and credit card-sized credentials.


Ezio Suite OTP

Gemalto’s Ezio Suite is an advance authentication solution which combines a unique authentication server, plug-in modules and a range of authentication devices. The result is a completely flexible, future-proof system that lets you mix and match authentication devices, standards and algorithms. It also supports advanced technology such as Dynamic Signatures, EMV CAP and Sign-What-You-See.

Thanks to its ability to support several authentication solutions simultaneously, Ezio Suite allows the bank’s customers to use several devices and login credentials at the same time. For example, customers can use multiple credit or debit cards and you can control which services they can access depending on which card they use. This flexibility makes the Ezio Suite popular with customers and reduces the total cost of ownership

Smart Cards, USB Tokens and HSM


Smart Cards & USB tokens

ADACOM specializes in security based on smart card technology and associated services. Through partnerships with the largest vendors within the Smart Card industry, ADACOM provides several types of Secure Signature Creation Devices (SSCDs) both in a Smart Card or USB form factor. ADACOM’s offering includes the latest OTP Display Smart Card which is provided as the most technological advanced OTP credential today.

In addition to the Smart Cards, ADACOM offers a variety of Smart Cards readers from contact to contactless readers including keyboard readers.


Gemalto provides reliable protection for applications, transactions and information assets by securing cryptographic keys. Gemalto is the fastest, most secure, and easiest to integrate application security solution for enterprise and government organizations to achieve regulatory compliance, reduce the risk of legal liability, and improve profitability. ADACOM maintains a long time relationship with Gemalto and a large experience in installing and maintainance.